Characteristics of Falun Dafa

        Our Falun Dafa () is one of the 84000 Law cultivation schools. It has never been made public and taught in the history of this cycle of human civilization. But it was popularized to offer salvation to people during a prehistoric period of time. Now I have brought it into the open once again during the last days of Last Havoc. Therefore it is extremely precious. I have explained such a process in which De (virtues) are directly transformed into cultivation energy. It is actually acquired through cultivation rather than through practice. Many people pursue cultivation energy by only paying attention to practice instead of cultivation. In fact, cultivation energy is achieved only by cultivating Xinxing. But why do we here also teach people how to practise the exercise then? First I'd like to say why monks do not practise the exercise. They can increase cultivation energy, the cultivation energy which determines their level of attainment, mainly by sitting in meditation, chanting scriptures and cultivating their Xinxing. Because Sakyamuni taught giving up everything in the world including Benti ( the True Being), physical movements were unnecessary. As the Tao School does not teach offering salvation to all sentient beings, they do not have to face people of all kinds, such as people who are from different levels, with various mentalities, some of whom may be very selfish, and others may be not. They select their disciples, and find three, only one of whom is to receive true teachings. He is destined to have very high virtues, to be good and to come with no problems. So the master emphatically teaches him hand movements in order to cultivate his life, for some hand movements are needed to cultivate supernatural powers and other magic skills.

        Falun Dafa is also a cultivation way with an integrated cultivation of both human nature and life, and therefore it has some movements to practise. On the one hand, movements are used to strengthen supernormal capabilities. What is strengthening? Use your strong energy potency to make your supernormal capabilities strong, causing them to get stronger and stronger. On the other hand, there will also be evolved many living entities in your body. Arriving at high level cultivation, the Tao School tells that Yuanying (the Immortal Infant) comes into the world while the Buddha School refers to a Vajra's indestructible body, and numerous magic skills will be evolved as well. All these things will be practised and evolved by hand movements, in other words, movements are used to cultivate all this. An integrated set of the cultivation way cultivating both human nature and life, requires both cultivation and practice. Now I believe all of you have come to understand how cultivation energy has come into being. The cultivation energy which really determines your level of attainment is not at all achieved by practice, but by cultivation. It is in the course of your cultivation and among ordinary people that you have improved your Xinxing, and assimilated yourself to the cosmic qualities, which no longer restrict you, and thus you will be able to ascend to the high dimension. The De will begin to be evolved into cultivation energy, and with the betterment of your Xinxing, your cultivation energy will naturally grow. Such is the relationship between them.

        Our cultivation system belongs to the cultivation ways which genuinely cultivate both human nature and life concurrently. The cultivation energy that we cultivate, the cultivation energy composed of such high energy substances, is stored in every cell of the body, all the way into the particle components of the origin of substances existing in the extremely microcosmic state. With the growth of your energy potency, its density increases, and its might intensifies. Such high energy substances are intelligent. They are stored in every cell of the human body and all the way into the origin of life. As time passes, they will fall into the one formation with the cells in your body; the same as the order of molecular arrangement, and the same as the formation of all atomic nuclei. But a fundamental change has taken place, or rather your body is no longer the kind of body composed of the original physical cells. Are you out of Wuxing (the Five Elements)? Of course your cultivation is not over yet, and you will continue with your cultivation among ordinary people. So you look like an ordinary person from your appearance. The only difference is that you look much younger than the people of your age. Naturally, first of all, we should remove the bad things from your body, including diseases. However, we do not treat diseases here, instead, we will clean up your body. We do not use the term treating diseases, but call this cleaning up the body. We clean up the body for those who really cultivate themselves. Some people have come here to cure diseases. As for those who are seriously ill, we do not allow them to come to the lectures because they cannot let go of their obsession with treating their diseases, they cannot stop thinking that they are ill. If they are seriously ill and suffering great pain, can they stop thinking that they are ill? They cannot go into cultivation this way. We have stressed again and again that we cannot permit those who are seriously ill to come in, as we are here for cultivation, which is a far cry from what they have in mind. They might as well find some other qigong masters to do this for them. Nevertheless, we have many students who are ill, and we are going to deal with this for them because they are genuine cultivators.

        Students of our Falun Dafa will take on a complete new look in their appearance after a period of time in cultivation. The skin is becoming delicate and smooth, and white, glowing with health. The wrinkles on the faces of the aged will become fewer, and even very few. This is a common phenomenon. I am not here telling you something quite impossible. Many of the old students here understand what I have said. What's more, the old women will even regain their menstrual period because the cultivation ways which cultivate both human nature and life concurrently need the menses to cultivate life. At the present stage, there will be a little bit menstrual flow, but not much, just enough to cultivate life. This phenomenon is also quite popular, otherwise, how can you cultivate your life without it? The same is true of men. The old and the young all will feel light all over. Those who really cultivate themselves will feel this change.

        Our cultivation system cultivates in quite a big way unlike many other systems which imitate the movements of animals. This cultivation system cultivates simply in so enormous a manner. The principles Sakyamuni and Laozi taught in their life time were confined to the principles guiding our Galaxy. What does our Falun Dafa cultivate? We do our cultivation according to the evolutionary theory of the universe. We take the criterion of the supreme cosmic qualities Zhen Shan Ren as our guidance in cultivation. We cultivate such a big thing, the same as the cultivation of the universe.

        Our Falun Dafa has another extremely distinctive and unique characteristic completely different from all the other forms of qigong. All the qigong forms which are popular in society nowadays all belong to the cultivation of the Internal Alchemy, the refinement of the elixir of immortality. It is very hard for such qigong forms to serve the purpose of opening cultivation energy and becoming enlightened among ordinary people. Our Falun Dafa cultivates a Falun at the place of one's lower abdomen rather than going into the Internal Alchemy. In class, I'll plant it into my students' bodies by myself. While lecturing on Falun Dafa, I'll plant Falun into your bodies in succession. Some can feel it, others cannot, but most of you can have the sensation due to different human physical qualities. We cultivate Falun rather than refine the elixir of immortality. Falun is the miniature of the cosmos, having all the supernormal capabilities of the cosmos. It has the ability to turn round and rotate automatically. Once it is planted into your body, it will always rotate at your lower abdomen, and will rotate like this all the year round, and will never stop. When turning clockwise, it will automatically absorb energy from the cosmos, and it will also evolve energy by itself to supply the energy needed to evolve all the different parts of your body. Meanwhile, when turning counter clockwise, it will release energy to deliver waste matter out of your body afterwards, and disperse around your body. When it is releasing energy, Falun will deliver the energy very far, and then will bring in new energy. The energy it releases will benefit all the people around your body. The Buddha School teaches self-salvation and salvation to others, salvation to all sentient beings. They not only cultivate themselves, but also offer salvation to all sentient beings. In this way others will benefit from them, for they can accidentally regulate the bodies of other people and treat diseases, etc.. Of course, the energy will not get lost. When Falun is turning clockwise, it will collect the energy back to itself, because it rotates constantly and incessantly.

        Some people may wonder: Why does this Falun rotate constantly and incessantly? Still some people asked me, "Why will it turn? What is the working principle? It is easy to understand that more energy collected can form the elixir of immortality, but it is hard to imagine the revolution of Falun." I am going to take an example. The cosmos is moving. All the Milky Way system, and all the other galaxies are moving in the cosmos, the nine great planets are revolving around the sun, and the earth is still rotating itself. Let's think about it. Who is pushing them? Who is putting more force to them? You cannot try to interpret it with the concept which applies to ordinary people, for it truly has its own mechanism of revolution, and the same is also true of our Falun, which turns round as it does. It solves the problem of practice done by ordinary people under the circumstances of normal life, and increases the time for practice. How does it do so? Because it never stops revolving and absorbing energy from the universe and then revolving it incessantly. When you are at work, it practises you. Of course, not only Falun, but also the numerous functions and mechanisms we are going to plant into your body, which will turn round and evolve automatically all along with Falun. That is to say, this cultivation system all evolves the practitioner totally and automatically, and in this way there occurs a kind of "Gong cultivating the practitioner", also called "the Law cultivating the practitioner". While you are not practising, Gong is practising you. While you are practising, Gong is also practising you. When you are eating, sleeping or at work, you are being evolved by Gong. What do you practise for then? You practise in order to strengthen Falun as well as all the functions and mechanisms I have planted into your body. In the high dimension cultivation, we do active no action, do movements along with mechanism as well without any intention to guide you, and we do not do breathing, etc..

        We do not consider the time and place necessary for practice. Some people asked, "When is the best time for practice, midnight, dawn or noon?" We do not pay attention to the time necessary for practice. If you did not practise at midnight from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., Gong was cultivating you then. If you did not practise at dawn, Gong was cultivating you at that time. While you are sleeping, Gong is also cultivating you. While you are walking, Gong is cultivating you as well. When you are at work, Gong is still cultivating you. Does not this shorten your time for practice considerably? Many of you cherish a sincerity of truly finding Tao, which is, of course, the purpose for cultivation because the ultimate goal for cultivation is exactly to find the Way and reach the consummation. For some people, the time left for them in their life is quite limited, and may be not enough for cultivation, but our Falun Dafa can solve such a problem by shortening the course of cultivation. Moreover, it is a system cultivating both nature and life. As you continue with your cultivation, your life will be prolonged. You continue with cultivation and your life is prolonged so that the time for cultivation will also be enough for you, who have good inborn qualities but are getting on in years. However, there is a principle that the life beyond your destiny, beyond your allotted original span of life, i.e. the life prolonged hereafter is all rearranged for you to cultivate. So the least deviation of your thinking will surely incur danger to your life, for your natural span of life has already been over long before unless you have gone beyond the cultivation of Shi Jian Fa (the In-Triple-World-Law). By then you will get into another state of affairs, and will be out of this control.

        Our system has no consideration of direction in which you should practise or the way you end up your practice because Falun revolves constantly and never stops. When there is a telephone call or somebody knocks at the door, you may simply go and do these things without the necessity of winding up your practice. When you go and begin work, Falun will immediately turn clockwise and take back the energy emitted out of your body. No matter how much effort you make when artificially holding qi in both hands and filling it through the top of your head, qi will lose. As Falun is an intelligent entity, it knows itself it should do all this. We do not consider direction either, for the whole cosmos is revolving, so is the Milky Way system. The nine planets are turning round the sun and the earth itself is rotating. We cultivate ourselves according to the Law which is as enormous as the universe. Which direction is the North, South, East or West? No direction. No matter which direction we are facing when practising, we are facing all the directions. No matter which direction we are facing, we are as good as facing the North, South, East and West simultaneously. Our Falun Dafa will protect our students from going wrong. How can it do so? Our Falun will protect you if you regard yourself as a genuine cultivator. Since I am rooted into the cosmos, whoever can challenge you can challenge me, and to be frank, can challenge the cosmos. This sounds inconceivable, but you will understand what I mean if you continue with your cultivation. There are things too profound among some others, which I cannot tell you. We will systematically expound the Law governing high dimensions from the simple to the profound. However, if you harbour evil intentions, seeking after something, you will inevitably get into trouble, and therefore you are not allowed to do so. I find that the Falun of many of our old students are, somehow, out of shape. Why? This is because they cultivate by mingling what belongs to the other schools with ours, and because they have accepted what belongs to others. Then why does Falun not protect them? Because it has been given to them, it belongs to them and is under the control of their own thinking. Nobody will take care of what you want. This is the Law of this universe. If you do not feel like going on with your cultivation, nobody can force you to, otherwise he as good as does evil. Who can make you change your mind? You should make demands of yourself. You practise this qigong today and that one tomorrow, learning the strong points from all schools and accepting things of all others for the purpose of removing diseases. Did you manage to do so? No, you did not. Your diseases have been put off until later. For the high dimensional cultivation, we teach the importance of being constant in one cultivation system. Whatever school you have decided to cultivate, you should concentrate on and put your heart into it until you have opened your cultivation energy and become enlightened in this school. Then you can change over to another cultivation system, which is a different set of things to cultivate. Because an integrated system of things which has truly passed on, was left behind after going through a considerably long period of time of the remote past, and has undergone quite a complex process of evolution. Some people practise by virtue of their sensation. What is their sensation? It is nothing at all. The process of real evolution goes on in another space, which is devastatingly complex and marvelous, without a tolerance of a single error, just like a precision instrument, which will immediately go wrong if you put into it a part from another instrument. Your bodies in all the different spaces are taking changes, devastatingly abstruse and marvelous, and no tolerance of error is allowed. As I have told you, cultivation is your own business while the evolution of cultivation energy is done by your master. If you accept things from other people casually and add them to what you cultivate, the messages from the others will interfere in what you have in this school, and you will become deviant. Moreover, this will be felt in ordinary human society, and will bring trouble to yourself as an ordinary person. However, others cannot help because this is what you want yourself. So this is a question of your ability of comprehension. Besides, what you have added to your cultivation has already made a mess of your cultivation energy, and therefore there will arise such a problem that you cannot continue with your cultivation any more. But I do not want you to learn only Falun Dafa by all means, either. If you do not learn Falun Dafa because you have received true teachings from some other cultivation systems, I also approve of this. But I'd like to tell you that you must be consistent in your cultivation system if you really want to reach the high dimensional cultivation. In addition, I have one more point to make to you. At present, there is not another person who really teaches qigong in the high dimension like me. Later you will realize what I have done for you, and therefore I hope you should not have such a poor awakening quality. Many of you want to reach the high dimensional cultivation but you may not realize what it is when it is presented to you already. Even if you go and take many people as your masters, and spend so much money, you will not be able to find it. Today when it is offered to you, you may not yet realize what it is. This is a question of whether or not you want to be enlightened, and this is a question of whether or not you can be saved.

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