Why Doesn't Your Cultivation Energy Increase When You Do Cultivation?

        Why doesn't your cultivation energy increase when you do cultivation? Quite a lot of people think this way: I have not received any genuine teachings for my cultivation. If a certain teacher teaches me some unique skills, and some super hand skills, my cultivation energy will go up. Now 95% of the people share the same opinion. I find this rather funny. Why? Because qigong is not mastery of a skill used in ordinary people, but it is something entirely supernormal, therefore it must be measured by the Law at the high level. I'd like to tell you all the basic reason why your cultivation energy can not go up. Of the two words "cultivation, practice", people only pay attention to "practice" rather than "cultivation". If you go searching outside yourself, you will never achieve anything. How can you imagine transforming high energy substances into cultivation energy with an ordinary human body, ordinary human hands and an ordinary mind? How can your cultivation energy go up this way? This is by no means easy. It seems a joke to me. This is as good as going searching outside yourself, seeking after something outside yourself. You will never find anything.

        This is unlike what is mastery of a certain skill by our ordinary people, which you can learn and manage to learn well by paying some money. This is not true, but is beyond what is at the level of ordinary people. So you should be required to act on the supernormal Law. How? You should only go cultivating inside yourself, but can not go searching outside yourself. How many people all go searching outside themselves, looking for this today, and that tomorrow. And they are also obsessed with seeking after supernormal capabilities. They have various purposes. Some people even want to become qigong masters, treating diseases to make a fortune. However, true cultivation entails the cultivation of your heart, which is called the cultivation of Xinxing (). For instance, in a person-to-person contradiction between people, you should care less about the seven emotions and the six sensory pleasures, and various desires. It is by no means easy for you to want to increase cultivation energy when you are competing and contending with others for your own personal interests. Aren't you doing the same as ordinary people? How can you increase cultivation energy? So, you should pay attention to the cultivation of Xinxing. In this way, your cultivation energy can go up and cultivation attainment can rise to a higher dimension.

        What is Xinxing ()? It covers many aspects of things, including De ( virtues, a kind of matter), Ren (forbearance), awakening quality, giving, giving up all kinds of desires and all kinds of attachments which are common to ordinary people, and the ability to bear hardships. Only when every aspect of your Xinxing has been improved, can you really go up. This is one of the key causes of strengthening your energy potency.

        Some people are thinking: The issue of Xinxing you have talked about belongs to what concerns the field of ideology, concerns the realm of awareness, but it is not the same thing as the Gong we practise. Why is it not the same thing? In the field of ideology throughout the ages, there have always been discussions and arguments over the question: Which comes first, matter or spirit? I can tell you that, in truth, they are the same. When doing research on the science of human bodies, scientists now believe that the thoughts the brain gives out are exactly matter. While it is something material, isn't it also something spiritual then? Are matter and spirit identical? The same is true of the cosmos I have talked about, which exists in the form of matter, and exists with its fundamental qualities at the same time. Of the fundamental qualities, Zhen Shan Ren of the cosmos, ordinary people cannot feel their existence because they stay on the plane of this one dimension as a whole. If you go beyond the dimension of ordinary people, you will be able to feel them. How? All matter in the universe, including all matter filling the whole universe, are entities of intelligence. They all can think, and they are all existing forms of the cosmic Law in various dimensions. They do not allow you to rise to a higher dimension, and even if you want to go up, you just cannot because they do not allow you to. Why not? Because your Xinxing is not good enough for that. As each dimension has a different standard, if you want to raise your dimension, you will have to give up your bad thinking and empty your mind of all things dirty and filthy, and assimilate yourself to the standard required of that dimension. Only in this way, can you ascend.

        With the improvement of your Xinxing, there will definitely come a fundamental change in your body. With the betterment of your Xinxing, there will surely occur a change of the substances that make up your body. What change? You will let go of those bad things which you are after and obsessed with. For example, a bottle is filled with dirty things and is fastened up tightly with its lid. When thrown into the water, it will sink to the bottom at once. Now you empty it of the dirty things. The more you empty them, the higher the bottle will rise. When you have emptied all of them, it will rise to the surface of the water completely. In the course of cultivation, you are required to empty your body of all kinds of bad things in order to enable yourself to ascend to higher dimensions. The fundamental qualities of this cosmos just play such a role. If you do not cultivate your Xinxing, do not raise your moral standard, do not let go of your bad thoughts, bad substances, they will not allow you to ascend to a higher dimension. Then, how can we say that matter and spirit are not identical? Let's illustrate it with a joke. If a man is allowed to ascend to the status of a Buddha with seven human emotions and six desires found in an ordinary person, just imagine, is this possible? Maybe an evil thought would be born into his mind when he had seen a senior Bodhisattva so beautiful, or he would fall into a contradiction with Buddhas because of the jealousy he has not given up. How can such a thing be allowed to exist? What should you do then? You should get rid of all kinds of bad thoughts you have as an ordinary person completely. Only in this way, will you be able to ascend to a higher dimension.

        That is to say, you should pay attention to the cultivation of Xinxing and cultivate yourself according to the cosmic qualities, Zhen Shan Ren, doing away with your desires, the mind with ill intentions and the thoughts to do bad as an ordinary person. With a little bit improvement of your ideological level, some of the bad substances in your body are already gone. Meanwhile, you will have to endure some hardships and suffer a little to remove some of your karma, and thus you will be able to ascend a little. That is to say, the cosmic qualities will remove some restrictions from you. Cultivation is your own business, while the evolution of cultivation energy is done by your master. Your master has provided you with a kind of energy which can increase cultivation energy. This energy will function when it can transform the substance, De (virtues), into cultivation energy outside your body. As you increasingly improve yourself and go up in cultivation, your energy pillar grows higher at the same time. As a cultivator, you should cultivate yourself and steel yourself in the environment of ordinary people, and get rid of your attachments and various desires gradually. What we human beings often consider to be good is usually regarded as bad when seen from the high dimension. So we say, the more personal interests one has gained in ordinary people, the better he lives, the worse he has become in the eyes of the great enlightened, but ordinary people count these good. How bad is he then? The more he gains, the more he hurts others because he has obtained what he should not. And he will give much attention to wealth and fame, and therefore will lose De. If you want to increase cultivation energy, but pay no attention to the cultivation of Xinxing, you will never increase your cultivation energy at all.

        The world of cultivation believes that one's Yuanshen (True Spirit) is immortal. In the past, if you had talked about one's true spirit, people would have probably said you were superstitious. As we all know, physics deals with our human body, which includes molecules, protons, and electrons, further down to quarks and neutrinos, etc. through studies. They are beyond the visibility of a microscope at this stage. However, this is still too far away from the origin of life, the origin of matter. We all know that in the atomic nuclear fission, there has to be a great amount of energy collision and considerably huge heat is needed to enable the atoms to split and cause nuclear fission. When one is dying, how can the atomic nuclei in his body die off, easily? So we have found that a person died when the biggest molecular components of the layer, just staying in our space had fallen off, while his bodies in other spaces are not destroyed. Let's imagine what a human body looks like through a microscope. The whole human body is moving. Even when you are sitting there still, your whole body is moving. Molecular cells are moving and the whole body is loosely arranged as if composed of sand. Such is what a human body looks like through a microscope, completely different from the human body we see with our eyes. This is because this pair of human eyes can create false impressions for you, prevent you from seeing such things. The Celestial Eye, if opened, can see things by enlarging them, as was originally an innate capability of a human being, but it is now called supernatural power. If you want to bring out the supernatural powers, you should return to the origin and go back to the truth, cultivate yourself backward.

        Now let me say something about these De (virtues). What exactly is the interlocking relationship between them? I would like to analyze this. A human being has his one body in each of all the many spaces. The biggest components of a human body we can see now, are cells, which comprise our human physical body. If you get into the area between the cells and molecules, between the molecules, you will find yourself having already entered into another space. What does the existing form of that body look like? You certainly cannot understand this with the interpretation of the concept used in this space we have now, for your body has to assimilate to the requirements of the existing form of that kind of space. Of course the body in another space can become bigger or smaller, and then you will find that is another incomparably vast space, too. This is what we mean by a kind of simple form of the existence of another space, which exists at the same place and at the same time. A person has a specific body in each of many other spaces, and in a specific space, there exists a kind of field around the human body. What field? This field is exactly what we mean by De. De is a white substance, but unlike what we thought of in the past as something spiritual of a person, something ideological, it is fully a kind of material existence. So, old people used to talk about accumulating De, or losing De, and what they said was absolutely right. These De form a field around the human body. In the past, what the Tao School did was that a master looked for his disciples, but the disciple did not look for his master. What does it mean? The master just wanted to see whether this disciple was carrying a large proportion of De around his body. If so, it would be easy for him to do cultivation, otherwise it would be difficult for him to do so and attain high achievements.

        With this there also coexists a black substance, which we call karma here, and which is called bad karma in Buddhism. White substance and black substance, both substances coexist. What is the relationship between these two substances? The substance De is achieved after we have endured hardships, suffered setbacks or done good deeds, while the black substance is received after we have done bad, done wrong or bullied others. Nowadays some people not only are bent solely on profit, but also stop at nothing in doing evil. They commit all manner of crimes for money, killing and framing innocent people, redeeming lives with money, practising homosexuality, taking drugs among many other things. When one does bad, he will lose De. How does he lose it? When this person is swearing at the other one, he feels he has taken the advantage of the other one because he has given vent to this anger. However, there is a law in this universe called: No Loss, No Gain. If you gain, you will lose. If you do not want to lose, you will be forced to. Who is in charge of this? It is the cosmic qualities who are in charge, and therefore you are not allowed just to think of gain. How do they do this? When the person is swearing at or bullying the other, he is throwing his De over to the other, while the other is wronged, suffers loss and endures pain, so he will be compensated for all this. Now the person is swearing at the other. As he is doing so, a piece of De is flying off his own field of space and falling onto the body of the other person. The more he swears, the more De he will give the other. The same is also true of beating or humiliating others. Now one punches the other or kicks the other. How much De has fallen onto the other person depends on how heavily he has beaten the other as he is doing so. Not being able to see this law, an ordinary person thinks he is bullied, but cannot tolerate. Now that you have punched me, I'll punch you in return. "Pa" he strikes the person back with a fist, pushing this De back to the person. Neither of them has lost or gained. The other one may think, "You have dealt me one blow, I'll deal you two; otherwise I cannot give vent to my anger." So he has dealt the person one more blow, and another piece of De has flied off his own body and has been given to the person.

        Why do we attach so much importance to this De (virtues)? What kind of relationship exist for De to be transformed? The religion teaches, if one has these virtues, he will gain in the next life, if not in this life. What does he gain? If he has lots of virtues, he will probably become a high official, make great fortunes, will be able to get what he wants, all of which are exchanged for virtues. The religion also teaches, if a person has run out of virtues, he will fall into perdition of both body and soul. His Yuanshen (True Spirit) will be destroyed, and all of him will die with nothing left after he dies. But we, the world of cultivation, mean that De (virtues) can be evolved into cultivation energy directly.

        Now I am going to say how De is evolved into cultivation energy. In the world of cultivation, there is such a saying called "Cultivation is one's own business, while the evolution of cultivation energy is done by one's master." However, some people teach placing a crucible onto a furnace to make elixir of immortality with the gathered medical substances, and intention, because they think these are very important. But I'd like to tell you that they are not at all important. If you think much about them, you will have an attachment. If you attach much weight to them, aren't you seeking after them? Cultivation is your own business, while the evolution of cultivation energy is done by your master. It is enough for you to have this wish. It is your master who really does this for you, and it is entirely impossible for you to do this. Will you be able to evolve that kind of entity of intelligence composed of these high energy substances with an ordinary human body? It is out of the question. It is all a joke talking about this. The evolution process of the human body in another space is quite miraculous and abstruse, and very complex, and is utterly beyond your capability.

        What will your master give you? He will give you the energy which can be used to increase cultivation energy. As De stay outside the human body, it is the De that give birth to one's real cultivation energy. It is all the De that give rise to the height of one's level of attainment, the strength of his energy potency. Your master evolves your De into cultivation energy, which grows in an upward spiral. The cultivation energy which truly decides one's level of attainment grows outside one's body and forms an energy pillar after growing spirally to the top of one's head in the end. Seeing how high a person's energy pillar is, we can tell how high his attainment of cultivation energy is. This is truly his level of attainment, the achievement status Buddhism refers to. While some people are sitting in practice, their Yuanshen (True Spirit) can leave their bodies, rising high into the sky all at once, further upward, and then cannot and dare not ascend any further. They are ascending by sitting on their own energy pillar, and therefore they can only ascend that high. Because their energy pillar is that high and they cannot ascend any further. This is what Buddhism teaches about achievement status.

        There is another yardstick used to measure how high one's Xinxing is. The yardstick and the energy pillar do not stay in the same space, but they exist at the same time. If you have improved your Xinxing in cultivation, for example, among ordinary people you do not utter a word but feel completely at ease when somebody shouts an abuse at you; you do not say a word but laugh it off when somebody deals you one blow with a fist. You have already shown very high Xinxing. Now that you are a cultivator, what should you gain then? Don't you gain cultivation energy? As your Xinxing goes up, your cultivation energy is growing. How high your attainment of cultivation energy is depends on how high your Xinxing is. This is an absolute truth. Some people in the past practised qigong hard and quite well either in the park or at home, and they were pretty sincere. However, once they went out, they were no longer cultivators, doing whatever they liked, competing with others and striving for fame and wealth with ordinary people. How can their cultivation energy grow? Not at all. This is also the reason why they cannot get well from their diseases. Why haven't some people recovered from their diseases after a long time of practice of qigong? Qigong is cultivation, something supernormal, not physical exercise done by ordinary people. So, only by paying great attention to Xinxing can they recover from their diseases or increase their cultivation energy.

        Some people believe that this elixir of immortality in placing a crucible onto a furnace to make the elixir of immortality with the gathered medicinal substances is exactly the cultivation energy, but it is not. This elixir of immortality contains only part of the energy, but not all of it. What is the elixir of immortality then? As we all know, we still have another part which is used to cultivate life, our bodies will also turn out supernormal capabilities and the numerous magic arts, most of which are locked up and not allowed to be used. There are many supernormal capabilities, ten thousand kinds of them. As soon as one has taken form, it is locked up. Why do they not come out? The purpose is that you will not be allowed to use them to do what you want to in ordinary human society, that you cannot interfere in it as you like, and that you cannot show off your abilities in it at will, because they will interfere with the state of ordinary human society. There are a lot of people who are cultivating themselves while becoming enlightened. If they made all their abilities appear, seeing that they are all true, then all people would come for cultivation, even those who are unpardonably wicked would also come along. This will not be allowed to happen. Therefore you are not allowed to show off this way. Besides, you are liable to do bad, for you cannot see the causational relationship of the matter and the root cause of it. You think you do something good, but maybe you do something bad, and therefore you are not allowed to use these supernormal capabilities. Once you do bad, you will drop down off your dimension, and all your cultivation will be in vain. So many supernormal capabilities are locked up. What will you do then? By the time you have opened your cultivation energy and become enlightened, this elixir of immortality will serve as a bomb, blowing up all the supernormal capabilities, all the locks and the acupuncture points in your body. With a shocking "Pa", all are blown up. This is what the elixir of immortality is used for. When a monk is cremated after death, there are usually relics left, which some people say are bones and teeth. But why has an ordinary person not got them? This is exactly the elixir of immortality, which has exploded, and its energy has released. It itself contains plenty of substances from other spaces. It is also something of material existence after all, but it is useless. People nowadays regard them as something very valuable because they are glossy, energy possessing and very hard. This is the very elixir.

        There is another reason for failing to increase cultivation energy. Because you do not know the Law existing in the high dimension, you will not be able to go up in cultivation. What does this mean? As I have just said some people have practised many kinds of qigong exercise. I'd like to tell you that it is no use their learning many more than this, and that they are only primary school pupils, in terms of cultivation, because what they have learned all belongs to the principles guiding elementary levels. The principles applied to such low levels cannot guide them up to high dimensional cultivation. If you are learning primary school textbooks at college, you are still a primary school pupil. It is no use learning more, and the result will be still worse. The Law varies from dimension to dimension. It differs in the role it plays guiding a different dimension, and therefore the principles applied to the low levels cannot guide you up to high dimensional cultivation. What we are going to expound to you from now on is all about the principles guiding high dimensional cultivation. I am combining my talk with what exists in different dimensions, which, as a result, will always serve as guidance for your cultivation from now on. I have got several books, magnetic tapes and video tapes. You will find in them that after you have read or listened to them once, when you read or watch or listen to them again after a while, they are sure to still serve as your guide. As you are increasingly improving yourself, they will continuously give you guidance. This is the Law. The above are the two reasons why one does not increase cultivation energy when he does cultivation. He does not know how to cultivate himself because he does not know the Law guiding high dimensional cultivation. He does not increase cultivation energy because he fails to cultivate inside himself and fails to cultivate his Xinxing. These are the two reasons.

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