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Lecture Two

The Issue of the Celestial Eye

Many qigong masters have already spoken of the celestial eye. The Fa, however, has different manifestations at different levels. A cultivator whose cultivation has reached a particular level can only see manifestations at that level. He is unable to see the truth beyond that level, and neither will he believe it. Therefore, he only regards what he sees at his level as correct. Before his cultivation reaches a higher level, he thinks that those things do not exist and are not believable; this is determined by his level, and his mind is unable to elevate. In other words, on the issue of the celestial eye, some people talk about it one way while others talk about it another way. As a result, they have confused it, and in the end nobody can explain it clearly. The celestial eye, in fact, is something that cannot be explained clearly at the low level. In the past, the structure of the celestial eye belonged to the secret of secrets, and everyday people were forbidden from knowing it. Therefore, throughout history nobody has talked about it. But here we do not address it based on theories from the past. We use modern science and the plainest modern language to explain it, and we address its fundamental issues.

The celestial eye that we refer to is, in fact, located slightly above and between one’s eyebrows, and it is connected to the pineal body. This is the main channel. The human body has many additional eyes. The Tao School says that each aperture is an eye. The Tao School calls an acupuncture point in the body an aperture while Chinese medicine calls it an acupuncture point. The Buddha School holds that each sweat pore is an eye. Therefore, some people can read with the ears, and some can see with the hands or from the back of the head; still others can see with the feet or stomach. It is all possible.

Speaking of the celestial eye, we will first talk about this pair of physical human eyes. Nowadays, some people think that this pair of eyes can see any matter or object in this world. Therefore, some people have developed the stubborn notion that only what one can see through the eyes is real and concrete. They do not believe what they cannot see. In the past, such people were considered to have poor enlightenment quality, though some people could not explain clearly why these people’s enlightenment quality was poor. No seeing, no believing. That may sound quite reasonable. Yet from the perspective of a slightly higher level, it is not reasonable. Every time-space is made of matter. Of course, different time-spaces have different physical structures and various manifesting forms of different lives.

Let me give you an example. In Buddhism, it is said that every phenomenon in human society is illusory and unreal. How are they illusions? Real and concrete physical objects are placed right here, so who would claim that they are false? A physical object’s form of existence appears like this, but the way it actually manifests is not. Our eyes, nonetheless, have the capability to stabilize physical objects in our physical dimension to the state that we can see now. The objects are not actually in this state, and they are not in this state even in our dimension. For instance, what does a person look like under a microscope? The whole body is made of loose, tiny molecules, just like grains of sand that are in motion. Electrons orbit nuclei, and the whole body is squirming and moving. The surface of the body is neither smooth nor regular. All things in the universe, such as steel, iron, and rock, are the same, and inside, all of their molecular elements are in motion. You cannot see their entire form, and they are actually not stable. This table is also squirming, yet your eyes cannot see the truth. This pair of eyes can give one a false impression like that.

It is not that we cannot see things at the microscopic level, or that people do not have this capability. People are born with this capability, and they can see things at a certain microscopic level. Precisely because in this physical dimension we have this pair of eyes, people receive a false impression and are prohibited from seeing things. Thus, in the past it was said that if people did not believe what they could not see, such people would be regarded by the community of cultivators as having poor enlightenment quality, as being deluded by the false impressions of everyday people, and as being lost among everyday people. This is a statement historically made by religions. Actually, we have also found it quite reasonable.

This pair of eyes can stabilize things in this physical dimension of ours to such a state. Besides that, they do not have any other significant capability. When one looks at something, the image does not form directly in one’s eyes. The eyes are like the lens of a camera, acting only as a tool. When viewing at a distance, the lens extends; our eyes also have this kind of effect. When looking in the dark, the pupils enlarge. When a camera takes a picture in the dark, its aperture also needs to be wider; otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough exposure to light and everything would be dark. When one walks into a very bright outdoor place, one’s pupils contract instantly. Otherwise, one’s eyes would be dazzled by the light and one wouldn’t be able to see anything clearly. A camera works according to the same principle, and the aperture also needs to be reduced. It can only capture the image of an object; it is just a tool. When we actually see things, a person, or an object’s form of existence, the images are formed in the brain. That is, what we see through the eyes is sent to the pineal body in the rear of the brain via the optic nerve, and it is then reflected as images in that area. This is to say that the actual reflected images are seen in the pineal body of the brain. Modern medicine also recognizes this.

The opening of the celestial eye that we address avoids using the human optic nerve and opens a passageway between one’s eyebrows so that the pineal body can directly see the outside. This is called the opening of the celestial eye. Some people may ponder, “This isn’t realistic. After all, this pair of eyes can still serve as a tool, and they can capture images of objects, something impossible without the eyes.” Modern medical dissection has already discovered that the front section of the pineal body is equipped with the complete structure of a human eye. Because it grows inside one’s skull, it is thus said to be a vestigial eye. As for it being a vestigial eye, our community of cultivators has reservations. Yet modern medicine has, after all, already recognized that there is an eye in the middle of the human brain. The passageway that we open targets exactly that location, and this happens to agree completely with the understanding of modern medicine. This eye does not create false images like our pair of physical eyes, as it sees both the nature of matter and the essence of matter. Therefore, a person with a high-level celestial eye can see beyond our dimension into other time-spaces, and he can see scenes that everyday people cannot see. A person with a low-level celestial eye may have the penetrative vision to see things through a wall and look through a human body—it simply comes with such a supernormal ability.

The Buddha School talks about five levels of eyesight: Flesh Eyesight, Celestial Eyesight, Wisdom Eyesight, Fa Eyesight, and Buddha Eyesight. These are the five major levels of the celestial eye, and each is subdivided into upper, middle and lower levels. The Tao School talks about nine times nine or 81 levels of Fa Eyesight. We are opening the celestial eye for everyone here, but we do not open it at or below Celestial Eyesight. Why? Though you sit here and have begun to cultivate, you are, after all, just beginning from the level of an everyday person with many everyday people’s attachments still not abandoned. If your celestial eye is opened below Celestial Eyesight, you will have what everyday people regard as supernormal abilities, as you would be able to see things through a wall and see through a human body. If we provided this supernormal ability widely and if everyone’s celestial eye were opened to this level, it would severely disturb ordinary human society and disrupt the state of ordinary human society: State secrets would be jeopardized; it would be the same whether people wore clothes or not, and you could see people in a house from outside; while strolling on the street, you could pick up all the top prizes of the lottery if you saw them. That would not be permitted! Think about it, everyone: Would that still be a human society if everyone’s celestial eye were opened to Celestial Eyesight? Severely disturbing the state of human society is absolutely prohibited. If I indeed opened your celestial eye to that level, you might become a qigong master right away. Some people dreamed before about becoming qigong masters. If their celestial eyes were opened all of a sudden, they would be able to treat patients. Wouldn’t I be taking you down a wicked path in that case?

Then, at what level do I open your celestial eye? I will open your celestial eye directly at the level of Wisdom Eyesight. If it were opened at a higher level, your xinxing would not be adequate. If it were opened at a lower level, it would severely disturb the state of ordinary human society. With Wisdom Eyesight, you do not have the ability to see things through a wall or see through a human body, but you can see the scenes existing in other dimensions. What benefits does this have? It can enhance your confidence in the practice. When you indeed see something that everyday people cannot see, you will think that it certainly exists. Whether or not you can see something clearly at present, your celestial eye will be opened at this level, and this is good for your practice. A true Dafa cultivator can obtain the same result by reading this book, provided that he is strict with himself in improving xinxing.

What determines one’s celestial eye level? It is not that once your celestial eye is opened, you are able to see everything—it is not so. There is still a classification of levels. So, what determines the levels? There are three factors. The first is that one’s celestial eye must have a field going from the inside to the outside, and we call this the essence of qi. What use does it have? It is like a television screen: Without phosphor, after a television is turned on, it is still just a light bulb. It will only have light, but no images. It is because of phosphor that images are displayed. Of course, this example is not quite fitting because we see things directly while a television set displays images through a screen. That is roughly the idea. This bit of the essence of qi is extremely precious, and it is made of a finer substance that is refined from de. Normally, each person’s essence of qi is different. Perhaps two out of ten thousand people are at the same level.

Celestial eye level is the direct manifestation of our universe’s Fa. It is something supernatural and closely related to one’s xinxing. If a person’s xinxing level is low, his level is low. Because of low-level xinxing, much of this person’s essence of qi is lost. If a person’s xinxing level is high, and in ordinary human society he has from childhood to adulthood cared little for fame, profit, interpersonal conflicts, personal gain, and various human sentiments and desires, his essence of qi may be preserved relatively better. Therefore, after his celestial eye is opened, he can see things more clearly. A child under six can see things very clearly once his celestial eye is opened. It is also easy to open his celestial eye. If I say a word, it will open.

Because of contamination from the powerful current or big dye vat of ordinary human society, the things that people consider correct are, actually, often wrong. Doesn’t everyone want to live a good life? Desiring a good life may infringe upon others’ interests, whet one’s selfish desires, take away others’ benefits, or lead to bullying and harming others. One would compete and fight for personal gain among everyday people. Isn’t this going against the characteristic of the universe? Thus, what people consider correct might not necessarily be correct. In educating a child, an adult often teaches him, “You should learn to be smart,” so that in the future he will get a foothold in ordinary human society. From the perspective of our universe, “to be smart” is already wrong, for we require following the course of nature and caring little for personal gain. Being so smart, he intends to pursue self-interest. “Whoever bullies you, go to his teacher and find his parents.” “Pick up money if you see it on the ground.” The child is taught this way. From childhood to adulthood, as he receives more things, he will gradually become increasingly selfish in ordinary human society. He will take advantage of others and lose de.

This substance, de, does not vanish after one loses it. It is transferred to another person. Yet this essence of qi can disappear. If one is very wily from childhood to adulthood with a strong desire for self-interest and solely seeks profit, this person’s celestial eye will, after opening, normally not work or see things clearly. This does not mean, however, that it will never be functional from that point on. Why? Because in the course of cultivation we try to return to our original, true selves, and through persistent practice we will be able to constantly compensate for it and recover it. Therefore, one must pay attention to xinxing. We stress holistic improvement and holistic upgrade. If xinxing is improved, everything else will follow up. If xinxing is not improved, that bit of essence of qi will not be recovered, either. This is the principle.

The second factor is that when a person practices qigong on his own, if his inborn quality is good, his celestial eye can also open through practice. Oftentimes, some people become frightened at the moment when their celestial eye opens. Why are they frightened? It is because people usually practice qigong at midnight, when the night is dark and quiet. As a person practices, he may suddenly see a large eye before his eyes, which gives him a fright. This scare is unusually great, and he will not dare to practice qigong after that. How frightening! Such a large eye, blinking as it looks around, vivid and clear. Consequently, some people call it a demon’s eye, while others call it a Buddha’s eye, and so on. In fact, it is your own eye. Of course, cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while transforming gong is done by one’s master. The whole process of transforming gong is very complicated and occurs in other dimensions. The body does not only change in just another one dimension, but in all different dimensions. Can you do that by yourself? You cannot. These things are arranged by the master and performed by the master. Therefore, it is said that cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while transforming gong is done by one’s master. You can only have such a wish and think about it like that, but it is the master who actually does these things.

Some people open the celestial eye through their own practice. We refer to it as your eye, but you are incapable of developing it by yourself. Some people have a master who, upon finding out that your celestial eye is open, will transform one for you; this is called the real eye. Of course, some people do not have a master, but there may be a master who passes by. The Buddha School states, “Buddhas are omnipresent”—they are everywhere, they are numerous to that extent. Some people also say, “There are spiritual beings three feet above one’s head,” meaning that they are simply countless. If a passing-by master sees that you have practiced very well with the celestial eye opened and that you need an eye, he or she will transform one for you, which can also count as a result of your own cultivation. In offering salvation to people, there is no condition or consideration for cost, reward, or fame. They are thus far nobler than the heroes of everyday people. They do it completely out of their benevolent compassion.

After one’s celestial eye is opened, a situation will occur: One’s eyes will be severely dazzled by light and feel irritated. It is actually not irritating your eyes. Instead, it is your pineal body that is irritated, though you feel as if your eyes are irritated. That is because you have not yet acquired this eye. After you are supplied with this eye, your physical eyes are no longer irritated. A number of our cultivators will be able to feel or see this eye. Because it embodies the same nature as the universe, it is very innocent and also curious. It looks in to examine whether your celestial eye is open and if it can see things. It looks inside at you as well. At this point your celestial eye is open. While it looks at you, you will be scared upon suddenly seeing it. In fact, this is your own eye. From now on, when you look at things, you will see things through this eye. Even if your celestial eye is open, you will be completely unable to see things without this eye.

The third factor is about the differences that manifest in each dimension after one makes breakthroughs in levels. This is the issue that truly determines one’s level. In addition to the main channel for seeing things, people also have many sub-channels. The Buddha School holds that each sweat pore is an eye, while the Tao School claims that every aperture of the body is an eye. That is, all acupuncture points are eyes. Of course, what they discuss is still one form of the Fa’s transformations in the body; one can see things from any part of the body.

The level that we refer to is different from that. In addition to the main channel, there are also several major sub-channels in several places, i.e., above the two eyebrows, above and below the eyelids, and at the shangen point. They determine the issue of making breakthroughs in levels. Of course, for an average cultivator, if he can see things with these several places, he has already reached a very high level. Some people can also see things with their physical eyes. They, too, have succeeded in cultivating these eyes that are also equipped with different forms of supernormal abilities. If such an eye is not used well, however, one will always look at one object without seeing the other. That will not work, either. Thus, some people often see one side with one eye and the other side with the other eye. Yet there is no sub-channel below this eye (the right eye) because it is related directly to the Fa. People tend to use the right eye to commit wrongdoing, so no sub-channel exists below the right eye. This refers to several major sub-channels that are developed in one’s In-Triple-World-Fa cultivation.

After reaching an extremely high level and Beyond-Triple-World-Fa cultivation, an eye that resembles a compound eye will form. Specifically, in the upper face a large eye will appear with numerous tiny eyes within it. Some great enlightened beings at very high levels have cultivated so many eyes that they are all over their faces. All eyes see things through this large eye, and they can see whatever they want. With one glance, they are able to see all levels. Today, zoologists and entomologists conduct research on flies. A fly’s eye is very big; through microscopy, it is known to have numerous tiny eyes inside it, and this is called a compound eye. After cultivators reach an extremely high level, this situation may occur. One has to be many times higher than the Tathagata level to make this possible. Yet an everyday person cannot see it. People at the average level also cannot see its existence, and because it exists in another dimension they can only see that he or she is like a normal person. This explains the breakthroughs in levels. That is to say, it is an issue of whether one can reach different dimensions.

I have basically outlined the structure of the celestial eye for everyone. We open your celestial eye with an external force, so it is relatively faster and easier. When I was talking about the celestial eye, each of you could feel that your forehead was tight; the muscles felt like they were piling up together and drilling inward. It was so, wasn’t it? It was like this. As long as you truly put your mind to studying Falun Dafa here, everyone will feel it; the external force comes very strongly when drilling inward. I have released the specialized energy that opens the celestial eye. Meanwhile, I have also sent out Falun to repair your celestial eye. While I was talking about the celestial eye, I was opening the celestial eye for everyone, provided they cultivate in Falun Dafa. However, not everyone can necessarily see things clearly, and neither can everyone necessarily see things with it. That has something to do directly with you, yourself. Never mind, as it does not matter if you cannot see things with it. Take your time to cultivate it. As you constantly upgrade your level, you will gradually be able to see things, and your clouded vision will become increasingly clear. As long as you cultivate and make up your mind to cultivate, you will recover all of what you have lost.

It is relatively difficult to open the celestial eye by yourself. Let me talk about several forms of opening the celestial eye on one’s own. For instance, when looking at your forehead and the celestial eye during the sitting meditation, some of you sense that it is dark inside the forehead, and that there is nothing there. As time passes, one will find that it gradually turns white in the forehead. After a period of cultivation, one will discover that it gradually begins to be bright inside the forehead, and then it turns red. At this time, it will blossom like the flowers seen on television or in a movie in which the flowers blossom in a second. Such scenes will appear. The red color will start out flat, and then it will suddenly stand out in the middle and turn constantly. If you want to turn it on your own completely to the end, even eight or ten years may not be long enough since the entire celestial eye is blocked.

Some people’s celestial eyes are not blocked, and they are equipped with a passageway. But they do not have any energy there, because they do not practice qigong. Thus, when a person practices qigong, a ball of black matter will suddenly appear before his eyes. After he practices for some time, it will gradually turn white and then become bright. In the end, it will glow brighter and brighter, and the eyes will feel somewhat dazzled. So then some people say, “I saw the sun,” or “I saw the moon.” In fact, they saw neither the sun nor the moon. What did they see, then? It was their passageway. Some people make rapid breakthroughs in their levels. Upon having the eye installed, they can see things right away. For others, it is quite difficult. When they practice qigong, they will feel as though they’re running to the outside along this passageway, which is like a tunnel or a well. Even in their sleep, they feel as if they are running to the outside. Some may feel as if they’re riding a horse; some may feel as if they’re flying; some feel as if they’re running; and some feel they’re rushing forth in a car. Because it is very difficult to open the celestial eye on one’s own, they always feel that they cannot dash to the end. The Tao School regards the human body as a small universe. If it is a small universe, think about it, it is more than 108 thousand li from the forehead to the pineal body. Thus, one always feels as if one is rushing to the outside and unable to reach the end.

It is quite reasonable that the Tao School regards the human body as a small universe. It does not mean that its composition and structure are similar to those of the universe, and neither does it refer to the existing form of the body in our physical dimension. We ask, “According to the understanding of modern science, what, at a more microscopic level, is the state of the physical body that is made of cells?” There are different molecular compositions. Smaller than molecules are atoms, protons, nuclei, electrons, and quarks. The most microscopic particles now studied are neutrinos. Then, what is the most microscopic particle? It is really too difficult to study. In his later years, Shakyamuni made this statement, “It’s so immense that it has no exterior, and so tiny that it has no interior.” What does it mean? At the level of Tathagata, the universe is so immense that its boundary is imperceptible, yet so tiny that neither are its most microscopic particles of matter perceptible. Consequently, he stated, “It’s so immense that it has no exterior, and so tiny that it has no interior.”

Shakyamuni also spoke of the theory of three thousand worlds. He stated that, in our universe and our Milky Way, there are three thousand planets with living beings that have physical bodies like our human race. He also stated that there were three thousand such worlds in a grain of sand. A grain of sand is thus just like a universe, with people having intelligence like ours, along with planets, mountains, and rivers. It sounds quite inconceivable! If so, think about it, everyone: Is there sand in those three thousand worlds? And are there another three thousand worlds in any one of those grains of sand? Then, is there sand in those three thousand worlds? Then, are there still three thousand worlds in any one of those grains of sand? Accordingly, at the level of Tathagata, one is unable to see its end.

The same is true with human molecular cells. People ask how big the universe is. Let me tell you that this universe also has its boundary. Even at the level of Tathagata, however, one will regard it as boundless and infinitely immense. Yet the human body’s inside is as big as this universe, from molecules to microscopic particles at the microscopic level. This may sound quite inconceivable. When a human being or a life is created, his unique life elements and basic nature are already composed at the extremely microscopic level. Thus, in studying this subject, our modern science lags far behind. In comparison with those lives of higher wisdom on the planets throughout the entire universe, our human race’s scientific level is quite low. We cannot even reach other dimensions that exist simultaneously in the same place, while flying saucers from other planets can travel directly within other dimensions. The concept of that time-space is completely different, so they can come and go at will and at a speed so fast that the human mind cannot accept it.

When we talk about the celestial eye, an issue comes up: as you’re dashing to the outside along a passageway, you feel that it is boundless and endless. Some people may see another situation whereby they do not feel as though they are rushing along a channel, but dashing forward along a boundless and endless road. While dashing to the outside, there are mountains, rivers, and cities on both sides. That may sound even more inconceivable. I recall that a qigong master made such a statement: “There is a city in each sweat pore of the human body, and trains as well as cars run in it.” Upon hearing this, others are astonished and find it inconceivable. You know that the microscopic particles of matter include molecules, atoms, and protons. Upon investigating further, if you could see the plane of each level instead of a point, and see the plane of molecules, the plane of atoms, the plane of protons, and that of nuclei, you would see the forms of existence in different dimensions. All matter, including the human body, exists simultaneously in connection with dimensional levels of the cosmic space. When our modern physics studies the microscopic particles of matter, it only studies a microscopic particle through splitting it and fission. It will study its elements after nuclear fission. If there were such an instrument through which we could expand and see the level at which all atomic elements or molecular elements could manifest in their entirety, or if this scene were observed, you would reach beyond this dimension and see the real scenes existing in other dimensions. The human body corresponds to external dimensions, and they all have such forms of existence.

There are still some other different situations as one opens the celestial eye on one’s own. We have mainly talked about some very common phenomena. Some people also find that their celestial eye rotates. Those who practice in the Tao School often see something rotating inside their celestial eye. After the Taiji plate cracks open with a snap, one will see images, but it is not that there is a Taiji in your head. It was the master who installed a set of things for you at the very beginning, one of which is the Taiji. He sealed your celestial eye. By the time your celestial eye is opened, the Taiji will crack open. The master intentionally arranged it that way, and it was not something originally from your head.

Still, some people seek to open the celestial eye. The more they practice for this, the more unlikely it is to open. What’s the reason? They have no idea themselves. It is mainly because the celestial eye cannot be pursued: The more one desires, the less one obtains. When a person wants it desperately, not only will it not open, but instead something neither black nor white will emit from his celestial eye. It will cover up his celestial eye. As time passes, it will form a very large field. The more it flows forth, the more it accumulates. The more unlikely it is for the celestial eye to open, the more he will pursue it, and the more this substance will come out. As a result, it will cover his whole body to such an extent that it becomes very thick with a very large field. Even if this person’s celestial eye were indeed opened, he still could not see anything because it would be sealed by his own attachment. Only if he no longer thinks about it in the future and completely gives up this attachment will it gradually disappear. It will, however, take a very painful and long period of cultivation to remove it. This is very unnecessary. Some people do not understand this. Though the master tells them not to go after it or pursue it, they do not believe it. They keep pursuing it, and in the end, the results turn out to be just the opposite.


The Supernormal Ability of Clairvoyance

One supernormal ability directly related to the celestial eye is called clairvoyance. Some people claim, “While sitting here I can see scenes in Beijing and in America, as well as on the other side of the earth.” Some people cannot comprehend it, and neither can this be explained scientifically. How is it possible? Some people explain it this way or that way and cannot explain it sensibly. They wonder how people can become so capable. It is not like that. A cultivator at the level of In-Triple-World-Fa cultivation does not have this capability. What he sees, including clairvoyance and many supernormal abilities, all function within a specific dimension. At most, they are not beyond this physical dimension where our human race exists. They are typically not even beyond the person’s own dimensional field.

Within a specific dimension, the human body has a field that is different from the field of de. They are not in the same dimension, but are the same size. This field corresponds to the universe. Whatever exists in the universe out there is correspondingly reflected here. Everything can be reflected. It is a kind of image, but it is not real. For instance, on this earth there are America and Washington, D.C. Within a person’s field, America and Washington, D.C. are reflected, but they are reflected images. Reflected images are nonetheless a form of matter’s existence, and they are the result of a corresponding reflection that changes according to changes over there. Thus, the supernormal ability of clairvoyance that some people refer to is the ability to look at things within one’s own dimensional field. When a person practices cultivation in Beyond-Triple-World-Fa, he will no longer look at things this way. He will look at things directly, and that is called the divine power of Buddha Fa. It is something with mighty power.

With In-Triple-World-Fa cultivation, what is the supernormal ability of clairvoyance all about? I am going to explain it for everyone. Within this field, there is a mirror in one’s forehead. A non-cultivator’s mirror faces toward himself, but a cultivator’s mirror turns over. When a person’s supernormal ability of clairvoyance is about to emerge, it will rotate back and forth. It is known that movie footage shows 24 frames per second in order to make pictures with continuous motion. If fewer than 24 frames are shown per second, the images will skip and jump. The mirror’s rotating speed is faster than 24 frames per second, and it reflects what it receives and turns over to let you see. Upon turning over again, the images will then be erased. It reflects and turns, and then it erases the images. The rotation continues incessantly. Thus, what you see is in motion. It lets you see what is reflected within your own dimensional field, and it corresponds to what is in the large universe.

Then, how can one see what’s behind one’s body? With such a small mirror, how can it reflect everything around one’s body? You know that when one’s celestial eye is opened beyond Celestial Eyesight and is about to attain Wisdom Eyesight, it is close to reaching beyond our dimension. At this point when the breakthrough is imminent, the celestial eye will experience a change. When it looks at physical objects, they will all have vanished. People and walls will all have vanished— everything vanishes. There will no longer be any material existence. That is, upon taking a closer look, you will find that in this particular dimension people no longer exist; there is only a mirror standing within the scope of your dimensional field. Yet this mirror in your dimensional field is as big as the entire field of your dimensional field. Thus, when it rotates back and forth, it reflects everything everywhere. Within your dimensional field, it can show you everything, provided it corresponds to what is from the universe. This is what we call the supernormal ability of clairvoyance.

When those who study the science of the human body test this supernormal ability, they can usually discredit it easily. The reason for the rejection is as follows. For instance, a person may be asked about someone’s relative in Beijing, “What’s the relative doing at home?” After the relative’s name and general information are provided, the person can see her. He will describe what the building looks like, how to enter the door, and upon entering the room how it is furnished. What he says is all correct. What is the relative doing? He says that the relative is writing something. In order to verify it, they will call up the relative and ask, “What are you doing right now?” “I’m having a meal.” Wouldn’t that disagree with what he saw? In the past, this was the reason for not recognizing this supernormal ability. The environment that he saw, however, was not wrong at all. Because our space and time, which we call “time-space,” has a time difference from the time-space of the dimension where the supernormal ability exists, the concepts of time are different on the two sides. She was writing something before, and now she is having a meal; there is such a time difference. As a result, if those who study the human body draw deductive hypotheses and conduct research based upon conventional theories and modern science, even after another ten thousand years their efforts will still be fruitless, for these are something beyond everyday people in the first place. Accordingly, humankind needs to change its mentality and should no longer understand these things this way.


The Supernormal Ability of Precognition and Retrocognition

Another supernormal ability directly related to the celestial eye is called Precognition and Retrocognition. Today, six types of supernormal abilities are publicly recognized in the world, including the celestial eye, clairvoyance, and Precognition and Retrocognition. What is Precognition and Retrocognition? It is that someone is able to tell another person’s future and past. With a strong capability, one is able to tell the rise and fall of a society. With a greater capability, one can see the law of all cosmic changes. This is the supernormal ability of Precognition and Retrocognition. Because matter is in motion and follows a certain law, in a special dimension, all matter has its form of existence in many other dimensions. For instance, when a person’s body moves, the cells in the body will also move, and at the microscopic level all elements, such as all molecules, protons, electrons, and the most microscopic particles will also move. Yet they have their own independent forms of existence, and the forms of the body in other dimensions will also undergo a change.

Haven’t we addressed that matter does not become extinct? Within a specific dimension, what a person has done or what a person does with a wave of his hand is all material existence, and anything he does will leave an image and a message. In another dimension it does not become extinct and will stay there forever. A person with supernormal abilities will know what happened by looking at the existing images of the past. After you have the supernormal ability of Precognition and Retrocognition in the future, the form of my lecture today will still exist when you take a look at it. It already exists there simultaneously. Within a special dimension that does not have the concept of time, when a person is born, his or her entire lifetime already exists there simultaneously. For some people, even more than one lifetime exists there.

Some people may wonder, “So our personal struggles and efforts to change ourselves are unnecessary?” They cannot accept it. In fact, individual efforts can change minor things in one’s life. Some minor things can be altered slightly through individual efforts, but it is precisely because of your efforts for change that you may obtain karma. Otherwise, the issue of committing karma would not exist, and neither would there be the issue of doing good deeds or wrong deeds. When one insists upon doing things this way, one will take advantage of others and do wrong deeds. Accordingly, that is why cultivation requires time and time again that one follow the course of nature since you will harm others with your efforts. If your life does not have something to begin with and you obtain what should belong to another person in society, you will owe that person a debt.

As for major events, an everyday person cannot change them at all. There is one way to do so; that is, if this person does only bad deeds and nothing but bad deeds, he can change his life. What he faces, however, is complete destruction. From a high level, we find that when a person dies, his Original Soul does not become extinct. Why doesn’t the Original Soul become extinct? In fact, we have seen that after a person is dead, his corpse in the mortuary is nothing but a body of human cells in our dimension. In this dimension, different cell tissues of the internal organs and all cells in the entire human body slough off while in other dimensions the bodies made of particles more microscopic than molecules, atoms, protons, etc., are not at all dead. They exist in other dimensions and still live in microscopic dimensions. What someone who does all kinds of evil deeds faces is the total disintegration of all of his cells, which Buddhism calls the extinction of body and soul.

There is another way to change one’s life, and this is the only way: It is that this person takes the path of cultivation from now on. Why can one’s life be changed if one takes the path of cultivation? Who can easily change such a thing? Once this person thinks about taking the path of cultivation and once this thought occurs, it shines like gold, shaking the World of Ten Directions. In its view of the universe, the Buddha School has the theory of the ten-directional world. In the eyes of a higher being, a person’s life is not meant for just being human. This being thinks that one’s life is born in the space of the universe and embodies the same quality as the universe; life is benevolent and made of the matter Zhen-Shan-Ren. Yet a life also establishes social relations. During social interactions in the community, some lives become corrupt and thus fall to a lower level. When they cannot stay at that level and again become worse, they will fall to an even lower level. They keep falling and falling until, in the end, they reach this level of everyday people.

At this level, these people should be destroyed and eliminated. Yet out of their great, benevolent compassion, those great enlightened beings specially created a space just like this of our human society. In this dimension of space, one is given this additional human physical body and this extra pair of eyes that can only see things in this physical dimension. That is, one gets lost in delusion and is not allowed to see the truth of the universe, something that can be seen in all other dimensions. In this delusion and under such conditions, one is given this kind of opportunity. Because one is deluded, it is also most painful. With this body, one is made to suffer. If a person wants to return from this dimension to his origin, the Tao School says that he must cultivate to return to his original, true self. If he has the heart for cultivation, it is his Buddha-nature that has emerged. This heart is considered most precious, and people will help him. Under such difficult circumstances, this person is still not lost and wants to come back. As a result, people will help him and unconditionally give him a hand—they will help him with anything. Why can we do such a thing for a cultivator but not for an everyday person? This is the reason.

As for an everyday person who wants to cure illness, we cannot help him with anything at all. An everyday person is just an everyday person. An everyday person should conform to the state of ordinary human society. Many people say that Buddha offers salvation to all beings and the Buddha School teaches salvation of all beings. Let me tell you that you may examine all of the Buddhist scriptures, and none of them says that treating diseases for everyday people is offering salvation to all beings. It is those sham qigong masters of recent years who have messed up this issue. Those genuine qigong masters, the ones who paved the road, did not tell you to treat diseases for others at all. They only taught you to practice, heal illness, and keep fit on your own. You are an everyday person. How can you cure diseases after studying it for two days? Isn’t that deceiving others? Doesn’t it encourage your attachment? That’s pursuing fame, self-interest, and something supernatural to show off among everyday people! It is absolutely prohibited. Therefore, the more some people pursue something, the less they will obtain. You are not allowed to do that, and neither are you allowed to disturb the state of ordinary human society so casually.

There is such a principle in this universe that when you want to return to your original, true self, others will help you. They think that a human life should return to where he comes from instead of staying among everyday people. If a person were allowed to have no illness and live comfortably, he would not even be interested in becoming an Immortal—even if he were asked. How wonderful it would be if one could suffer no illness or hardship and have whatever one wanted! It would really be a world of Immortals. But you dropped to this level because you became corrupt, so you will not be comfortable. Man can easily commit wrongdoing in delusion, and Buddhism calls this karmic retribution. Therefore, when some people have some tribulations or misfortune, they are repaying their karma as a result of karmic retribution. Buddhism also holds that Buddhas are everywhere. If a Buddha waved his hand once, all of humankind’s diseases could be wiped out; this is absolutely achievable. With so many Buddhas around, why hasn’t anyone done this? It is because a person did wrong in the past that he suffers these hardships. If you have cured his illness, that is the same as violating the principle of the universe, for one can then do wrong deeds and owe someone something without having to pay for it. This is not allowed. Thus, everyone preserves the state of ordinary human society, and no one wants to disturb it. Cultivation is the only way to find yourself comfortably free of illness and to accomplish the goal of being truly free! Only by having people practice a righteous way can there be true salvation of all beings.

Why can many qigong masters cure diseases? Why do they talk about healing illness? Some people may have considered these questions. The majority of these qigong masters are not from upright practices. It is permitted when, during the course of his cultivation, a real qigong master who finds all living beings suffering helps someone out of his compassion and sympathy. He cannot cure diseases, however, and he can only temporarily repress or postpone them. You do not have them now, but you will get them later, as he delays your illness to sometime later. He will transfer them elsewhere or to the bodies of your relatives. He is unable to truly eliminate the karma for you completely. He is not allowed to casually do that for an everyday person, but only for cultivators. This is the principle.

In the Buddha School, “salvation of all beings” implies bringing you out of the most agonizing state of everyday people to higher levels. You will no longer suffer and will be set free—that is what it implies. Didn’t Shakyamuni talk about the other side of nirvana? That is the actual meaning of salvation of all beings. If you live comfortably among everyday people with a lot of money, and if your bed is padded with money and you have no suffering, you would not be interested if you were asked to become an Immortal. As a cultivator, your course of life can be altered. Only through cultivation can your life be altered.

The way the supernormal ability of Precognition and Retrocognition works is similar to having a small television screen in one’s forehead. Some people have it on the forehead; some people have it close to the forehead. Some have it inside the forehead. Some people can see things with their eyes closed. If the capability is strong, one can see things with the eyes open. Others, however, cannot see them, as they are something within the scope of one’s dimensional field. In other words, after this supernormal ability develops, there must be another one that serves as a carrier to reflect the scenes from other dimensions. Consequently, it can be seen with this celestial eye. One can see very accurately a person’s future and past. No matter how well fortune-telling works, it cannot tell the minor events and their details. This person, however, is able to see things very clearly, including the time of year. The details of changes are all visible since what one sees is the actual reflection of people and things from different dimensions.

As long as you all practice Falun Dafa, everyone’s celestial eye will be opened. But the supernormal abilities we address later are not provided. With your level being constantly upgraded, the capability of Precognition and Retrocognition will naturally emerge. This scenario will occur in your future cultivation, and you will know what is going on when this capability develops. Therefore, we have taught these principles of the Fa.


Transcending the Five Elements and the Three Realms

What is “transcending the Five Elements and the Three Realms”? This is a very delicate issue to raise. Before, many qigong masters spoke of this issue, and they were choked by questions from those who did not believe in qigong, “Which one of you who practices qigong has transcended the Five Elements and isn’t within the Three Realms?” Some people are not qigong masters; they just gave themselves the title of qigong masters. If they can’t explain it clearly, they should just keep quiet. Yet they still dare to talk about it, so others will then try to shut them up. This has brought much damage to the community of cultivators and has caused great confusion. Some people use the opportunity to attack qigong. Transcending the Five Elements and the Three Realms is a saying in the cultivation community. It originated from religion; it came from religion. Therefore, we cannot address this issue without considering its historical background and the circumstances at that time.

What is transcending the Five Elements? Both ancient Chinese physics and modern physics consider the Chinese theory of Five Elements to be correct. It is true that the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth constitute everything in our universe. Thus, we talk about the theory of Five Elements. If a person is said to have transcended the Five Elements, in modern language it means that he has gone beyond this physical world of ours, which sounds quite mystifying. Think about this issue, everyone: A qigong master has gong. I have participated in an experiment, and many other qigong masters have also undergone this kind of experiment to measure their energy. The material elements in gong can be detected by many of the instruments we currently have. That is to say, as long as there is such an apparatus, the elements given off by a qigong master and the existence of his gong can be detected. A modern instrument can detect infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, ultrasonic waves, infrasonic waves, electricity, magnetic force, gamma rays, atoms, and neutrons. A qigong master possesses all of these substances, and there are some other substances emitted by qigong masters that are undetectable because no such instrument exists. As long as there is such an instrument, all of them are detectable. The substances emitted by qigong masters have been found to be extremely rich.

Under the special effect of a magnetic field, a qigong master can radiate a powerful and very beautiful aura. The higher one’s gong potency, the larger the generated energy field. An everyday person also has an aura, but it is very tiny and weak. In high-energy physics research, people believe that energy is made of particles such as neutrons and atoms. Many qigong masters, including the well-known ones, have undergone testing. I have also been tested, and the detected radiation of the gamma rays and thermal neutrons that were given off was 80 to 170 times more than normal matter. At this point, the testing apparatus’ indicator reached the limit, as its needle stopped at the maximum point. In the end, the apparatus could not tell how much more energy I had. It is simply inconceivable that a person could have such powerful neutrons! How can a person generate such powerful neutrons? This also verifies that we qigong masters do have gong and that we do have energy. This has been confirmed by the scientific and technological community.

To transcend the Five Elements, a cultivation practice of both mind and body is required. If a practice is not one of mind and body and only improves gong according to the height of a person’s level without cultivating the body, it is not concerned with this issue and does not require transcending the Five Elements. A cultivation practice of mind and body stores energy in all the cells of the body. Average cultivators or those who have just begun to develop gong generate very coarse grains of energy with gaps in between, and the density is low. Thus, it has little power. When one’s level becomes higher, it is completely possible that the density of one’s energy will be one hundred times, one thousand times, or 100 million times higher than that of ordinary water molecules. The higher one’s level, the denser, finer-grained, and more powerful one’s energy. Under this circumstance, the energy is stored in every cell of the body. Such energy is not only stored in every cell of the body in this physical dimension, but also in the molecules, atoms, protons, and electrons of all the bodies in other dimensions, until it reaches the extremely microscopic cells. Over time, a person’s body will be completely filled with this kind of high-energy matter.

This kind of high-energy matter has intelligence, and it is very capable. Once it increases and becomes denser and fills up all cells in the human body, it will be able to restrain the human flesh cells—the most incompetent cells. Once the cells are restrained, they will no longer undergo metabolism, and in the end, the human flesh cells will be completely replaced. Of course, it is easy for me to talk about it; actually cultivating to this point is a long, gradual process. When you cultivate to this point, all of the cells in your body will have been replaced by this kind of high-energy matter. Think about it: Would your body still be composed of the Five Elements? Would it still be matter of this dimension of ours? It would already be made up of high-energy matter collected from other dimensions. The elements that make up de are also matter that exists in another dimension and they, too, are not restricted by the time-field of our dimension.

Modern science holds that time has a field. If something is not within the scope of a time-field, it is not restricted by that time. In other dimensions, the concepts of time-space are different from ours here, so how can the time here regulate the matter of other dimensions? It can’t have any impact at all. Think about it, everyone: Wouldn’t you no longer be within the Five Elements by that point? Would your body still be that of an everyday person? It wouldn’t be at all. But there is one point to be made—everyday people won’t be able to tell the difference. Though his body has been transformed to this extent, it is not the end of cultivation. He still needs to continue to break through levels and cultivate upward in cultivation. Thus, he must still cultivate among everyday people; it wouldn’t do if people couldn’t see him.

Then, what will happen later? Although in the course of cultivation all of this person’s cells at the molecular level have been replaced by high-energy matter, atoms have certain configurations, and the configuration of molecules and atomic nuclei will not undergo a change. The molecular arrangement of cells is in such a state that they feel soft when you touch them; the molecular arrangement of bones is high in density, so bones feel hard; the molecular density of blood is very low, so it is a liquid. Everyday people cannot discern the changes in you from your appearance, as the cells’ molecules still retain their original structure and configuration; their structure has not changed. But the energy inside has changed. So, from this point on this person will not age naturally. His cells will not die, so he will stay young forever. In the course of cultivation, a person will look young and will ultimately stay that way.

Of course, if such a body were to be hit by a car, the bones may still fracture, and if it were cut with a knife, it would still bleed, for the molecular combinations have not changed. It is just that the cells will not naturally die out or naturally age, and there is no metabolism. This is what we call “transcending the Five Elements.” Where is the superstition in this? It can even be explained using scientific principles. Some people are unable to explain it clearly, so they make careless remarks; others will say you are promoting superstition. Since this phrase comes from religion, it is not a term crafted by our modern qigong.

What is transcending the Three Realms? I mentioned the other day that the key to increasing gong lies in our cultivating xinxing and becoming assimilated to the characteristic of the universe. The characteristic of the universe will then not constrain you. As your xinxing is improving, the element de will transform into gong that continually grows and rises upward, and after it transcends to a high level, it forms a gong column. Whatever the height of this gong column, that is the height of your energy level. There is this saying: The great Fa is boundless—cultivation depends entirely on your heart; as for how high your cultivation level can reach, it all depends on your endurance and your ability to bear hardship. If you use up the white substance that you have, your own black substance can be transformed into the white substance through suffering. If that is still not enough, and if you bear the sins of your friends and family who do not cultivate, you can also still increase gong—this is for those who have cultivated to an extremely high level. If you’re an everyday person practicing cultivation, you should not think of bearing sins for your family; with such a large amount of karma, an average person cannot succeed in cultivation. I am explaining here the principles at different levels.

The Three Realms that religions talk about refer to the nine levels of heaven or the thirty-three levels of heaven—namely, heaven, Earth, and the underworld, including all beings within the Three Realms. They hold that all beings within the thirty-three levels of heaven go through the reincarnation cycle of samsara (liudao lunhui). “Samsara” means that one is a human being in this life, and one may become an animal in the next life. It is said in Buddhism: One should make good use of the limited time in this lifetime. If you don’t cultivate now, when will you? This is because animals are prohibited from cultivation and are prohibited from listening to the Fa. Even if they cultivate, they will not achieve the Righteous Fruition (zhengguo) in cultivation. If their gong level becomes high, heaven will kill them. You might not get a human body in several hundred years; perhaps you will get one in one thousand years. Once you get a human body, you will not even know how to treasure it. If you reincarnate into a piece of rock, you will be unable to come out in ten thousand years. If that piece of rock doesn’t crumble or weather away, you will never be able to emerge. Attaining a human body is so difficult! If a person can truly obtain Dafa, this person is really most fortunate. A human body is hard to come by—that is the principle we are talking about.

In cultivation practice we are concerned with the issue of levels; these levels depend entirely on one’s own cultivation. If you wish to transcend the Three Realms and if your gong column is cultivated to a very, very high level, haven’t you broken through the Three Realms? When someone’s Original Soul leaves the body during the sitting meditation, it can reach a very high level right away. One student wrote in his experience report, “Teacher, I went to such and such level of heaven and I saw some scenes.” I said to climb up further. He said, “I can’t keep going. I don’t dare to climb any further; I’m unable to climb any further.” Why? Because that is how high his gong column was; he had reached there by sitting on his gong column. That is the Fruition Status in cultivation that Buddhism mentions; he had cultivated to that status. For a cultivator, however, that is still not the pinnacle of one’s Fruition Status. One is still continually moving up, continually transcending, and continually improving. If your gong column has broken through the boundary of the Three Realms, won’t you have gone beyond the Three Realms? We have investigated and found that the Three Realms mentioned in religions are only within the range of our nine major planets. Some people speak of ten major planets. I would say that doesn’t exist at all. I have found that some of those qigong masters in the past had very high gong columns that surged beyond the Milky Way; they passed far beyond the Three Realms a long time ago. This transcending the Three Realms that I spoke of just now is actually an issue of levels.


The Issue of Pursuit

Many people come to our cultivation site with the attachment of pursuit. Some people want to attain supernormal abilities; some want to listen to some theories; some want diseases cured; some even want to come and get a Falun—there are all kinds of mentalities. There are even others who say, “Someone in my family didn’t attend the lecture. I’ll pay some tuition; please give him a Falun.” It has taken us many generations, going through extremely distant ages—if we were to mention the number it would be shocking, as a Falun is something that has taken so many ages to form—and you want to just spend a few dozen yuan to buy one? Why can we give it to all of you unconditionally? It is because you want to be cultivators. No sum of money can buy this heart. Only when your Buddha-nature has emerged do we do it this way.

You are clinging to the attachment of pursuit. Did you come here just for this? My fashen in another dimension knows everything on your mind. Because the concepts of the two time-spaces differ, the formation of your thoughts is an extremely slow process when seen in another dimension. It will know everything even before you think of it. Therefore, you should abandon all of your incorrect thoughts. The Buddha School believes in predestined relationship. Everyone comes here because of a predestined relationship. If you obtain it, perhaps you are supposed to have it, so you should treasure it and not be attached to any pursuit.

In religious cultivation of the past, the Buddha School taught emptiness, that one should not think about anything and should enter the gate of emptiness; the Tao School taught nothingness, that there is nothing, that one should not want anything, and neither should one pursue anything. A cultivator believes he should only focus on practicing, without paying attention to obtaining gong. In cultivation and practice one should be in a state free of intention. As long as you focus on cultivating your xinxing, you will make breakthroughs in your level and certainly get things you deserve. If you cannot give something up, isn’t it an attachment? All at once we have here taught such high-level Fa, and the requirement for your xinxing is, of course, also of a high standard. Therefore, one should not come to learn the Fa with the attachment of pursuit.

To be responsible to everyone, we lead you to the right path, and we must explain this Fa to you thoroughly. When someone pursues the celestial eye, it will be blocked by itself and sealed off. In addition, I am telling everyone that all supernormal abilities one develops in one’s In-Triple-World-Fa cultivation are original, inborn capabilities of this physical body. Nowadays we call them supernatural capabilities. They can only work in this dimension of ours and subdue everyday people. What do you go after these petty tricks for? You pursue this or that, but after going beyond In-Triple-World-Fa they do not work in other dimensions. By the time of Beyond-Triple-World-Fa cultivation, all of these supernormal abilities must be discarded and compressed into a very deep dimension for preservation. In the future, they will serve as a record of your cultivation, and they can only serve this small function.

After reaching Beyond-Triple-World-Fa, one must start cultivation all over again. One’s body is one that has transcended the Five Elements, as I just mentioned. It is a Buddha-body. Shouldn’t that kind of body be called a Buddha-body? This Buddha-body must cultivate all over again from the start and also redevelop supernormal abilities. Instead of being called “supernormal abilities,” they are now called “the divine powers of the Buddha Fa.” They are boundlessly powerful and can act on different dimensions, being something really effective. What’s the use of your pursuing supernormal abilities? As for all those who go after supernormal abilities, aren’t you planning to use them and show them off among everyday people? Otherwise, why would you want them? They are invisible and intangible. Even for the purpose of decoration, one would want to find something that looks good. It is guaranteed that you subconsciously have the intention of using them. They cannot be pursued as ordinary human skills. They are something completely supernatural, and you are prohibited from showing them off among everyday people. Showing off itself is a very strong attachment and a very bad attachment that a cultivator must relinquish. If you want to use them to make money or make a fortune with them, or if you wish to achieve your personal goals among everyday people with them, this is prohibited. That is trying to use high-level things to disturb and undermine ordinary human society. That thought is even worse. Using them casually is therefore just simply not permitted.

Normally, supernormal abilities are more likely to develop for two groups of people: children and the elderly. In particular, elderly women usually maintain good xinxing without many attachments among everyday people. After their supernormal abilities develop, they can easily control themselves without the desire to show them off. Why is it difficult for young people to develop supernormal abilities? In particular, a young man still wants to strive to accomplish some objectives in ordinary human society! Once he has supernormal abilities, he will use them to achieve his goals. Using them as a means to realize his goals is absolutely forbidden, so he does not develop supernormal abilities.

The issue of cultivation is not child’s play, and neither is it a technique of everyday people—it is a very serious matter. Whether you want to cultivate or are able to cultivate depends completely upon how your xinxing is improved. It would be terrible if someone could really attain supernormal abilities through pursuing them. You would find that he does not care about cultivation or think about this issue at all. Because his xinxing is at the everyday people’s level and his supernormal abilities come through pursuit, he might commit every sort of wrongdoing. There is a lot of money in the bank, and he would transfer some of it. There are many lottery ticket sales on the street, and he would get the first prize. Why haven’t these things happened? Some qigong masters say, “Without being virtuous, one can easily do bad things after developing supernormal abilities.” I say this is an incorrect statement—it is not the case at all. If you do not value virtues or do not cultivate your xinxing, you simply will not develop any supernormal abilities. With good xinxing, some people develop supernormal abilities at their levels. Later, they cannot handle themselves well and do things that they should not. This situation also exists. Once one does something bad, however, one’s supernormal abilities will be weakened or lost. Once they are gone, they are lost forever. Furthermore, the worst thing is that they make one develop attachments.

One qigong master claims that if a person studies his practice for three or five days, this person will be able to cure diseases. That is like an advertisement, and he should be called a qigong merchant. Think about it, everyone: Being an everyday person, how can you cure another person’s illness by just emitting some of your qi? An everyday person’s body also has qi inside, just as you do. You have just started the practice, and it is merely that your laogong point is opened, so you can absorb and release qi. When you heal other people’s illnesses, they also have qi in their bodies. Perhaps their qi will heal your diseases! How can one’s qi dominate that of another person? Qi cannot heal illness at all. In addition, when you treat a patient, you and your patient form a field through which the patient’s pathogenic qi will all come to your body. You have as much of it as your patient does, though it is rooted in the patient’s body. Too much pathogenic qi can cause you to become ill as well. Once you think that you can cure diseases, you will begin the practice of seeing patients. You will not turn down requests and will develop an attachment. How delightful it is being able to heal others’ diseases! Why can they be healed? Haven’t you thought about it? Sham qigong masters all have spirit or animal possession on their bodies. In order to make you believe them, they give you some of their messages that will be used up after you have healed three, five, eight, or ten patients. It consumes energy, and afterward this bit of energy will no longer exist. You do not have your own gong, so where can you possibly get it? As qigong masters, we have practiced cultivation for several dozen years. It was very hard to cultivate in the past. Cultivation is very difficult if one takes a deviant path or a small road instead of following a righteous way.

Although you may find that some grand qigong masters are well-known, they have practiced cultivation for decades to develop that bit of gong. You have never practiced cultivation. How can you have gong after attending a qigong class? How is that possible? You will develop an attachment afterward. Once an attachment develops, you will become anxious if you cannot cure an illness. In order to save one’s reputation, what’s on one’s mind while treating illness? “Please let me have this illness so that the patient can be healed.” That is not out of compassion, as one’s attachments to fame and self-interest have not been given up at all. This person is unable to develop this compassion one bit. He is afraid of losing his reputation. He would rather have this illness himself in order to keep his reputation. What a strong attachment to fame! Once this wish is made, well, that illness will be transferred to his body at once—it will really happen. He will go home with the illness while the patient is healed. After seeing the patient, he will suffer at home. He thinks that he has cured an illness. When others call him a qigong master, he will become delighted and very pleased. Isn’t that an attachment? When he cannot cure an illness, he drops his head and feels fizzled out. Isn’t it caused by his attachment to fame and personal gain? In addition, all of the pathogenic qi from his patients will come to his body. Though those sham qigong masters have taught him how to remove it from his body, I am telling you that he cannot remove it at all, not even a bit, because he himself does not have the ability to distinguish bad qi from good qi. As time passes, his body will be all dark inside, and that is karma.

When you really want to cultivate, it is going to be quite an ordeal. What will you do about it? How much must you suffer to transform the karma into the white substance? It is very difficult. In particular, the better one’s inborn quality, the easier to encounter this issue. Some people always seek to treat illness. If you have a pursuit, an animal will see it and come to possess you. This is precisely animal or spirit possession. Don’t you want to treat illness? It will help you do this. But it does not help you treat illness without a reason. No loss, no gain. It is very dangerous, and you will end up inviting it. How can you continue your cultivation? It will all be over.

Some people with good inborn quality exchange their inborn quality with others for karma. That person is ill and has a lot of karma. If you heal a patient who has a serious illness, after the treatment you will feel very uncomfortable at home. In the past, many people felt this way after seeing a patient: The patient is recovering, but you are very ill at home. As time passes, more karma transfers to you; you give others de for karma. No loss, no gain. Though what you get is illness, karma must be paid for with de. This universe has this principle that no one will stop you as long as this is what you want. No one will say that you are good, either. The universe has a specific rule, namely, whoever has a lot of karma is a bad person. You are giving away your inborn quality to another person for karma. With more karma, how could you cultivate? Your inborn quality will be totally ruined by that person. Isn’t that scary? That person’s illness is gone; he feels comfortable now, but you are suffering at home. If you heal a couple of cancer patients, you will have to pass away in their place. Isn’t this dangerous? That is just the way it is; many people do not know the principle behind it.

Do not be taken in by how reputable some sham qigong masters are. A well-known person does not necessarily know things well. What do everyday people know? Once things are hyped up, they accept them. Though you find them doing those things now, they are not only harming others, but also themselves. In one or two years you will see what happens to them. Cultivation cannot be undermined in this way. Cultivation can treat illness, but it is not to be used for the purpose of healing illness. It is something supernormal instead of an everyday person’s technique. Your casually ruining it is absolutely forbidden. Nowadays some sham qigong masters have made things chaotic, and use qigong as a means of securing fame or fortune. They are cults expanding their evil influence, and they outnumber those genuine qigong masters by many times. Everyday people all say things and do things this way, and you just believe them? You may think qigong is just like that, but it is not. What I am talking about is the genuine principle.

When different social interactions unfold among everyday people, one will commit wrongdoing for personal gain and owe others. One must undergo suffering to repay debts. Suppose that you treat an illness at will. How can you be allowed to really cure an illness? Buddhas are everywhere. With so many of them, why don’t they do such a thing? How wonderful it would be if a Buddha made all of humankind comfortable! Why doesn’t he? One must repay one’s own karma, and no one dares to violate this principle. During the course of cultivation, a cultivator may occasionally help another person out of compassion; however, that will only postpone the illness. If you do not suffer now, you will suffer later. Also, one might transform it so that you will lose money or have a tribulation instead of becoming ill. It might be like this. Truly eliminating a person’s karma all at once can only be done for cultivators, and not for everyday people. I am not teaching the principles of my practice alone here. I am addressing the principles of the entire universe; I am discussing the actual situation in the cultivation community.

Here, we do not teach you to treat illness. We are leading you to the Great Way, the righteous way, and we are uplifting you. Thus, in my lectures I will always say that cultivators of Falun Dafa are not allowed to treat illness. If you treat illness, you are not a cultivator of Falun Dafa. Because we are leading you to the righteous way, during In-Triple-World-Fa cultivation your body will be purified constantly until it is completely transformed by high-energy matter. How can you cultivate if you still collect those dark things in your body? Those things are karma! You will be unable to cultivate at all. With too much karma, you will be unable to bear it. If you suffer too much, you will be unable to cultivate. This is the reason. I have made public this Dafa, and you may still not know what I have taught. Since this Dafa can be made public, there are ways to protect it. If you treat illness for others, my fashen will take back everything given to your body for cultivation. We cannot allow you to casually ruin something so precious for the sake of fame and self-interest. If you do not follow the requirements of the Fa, you are not a cultivator of Falun Dafa. Your body will be reset to the level of everyday people, and the bad things will be returned to you because you want to be an everyday person.

After the lecture yesterday, many of you felt that your entire body was light. However, a very small number of people with serious illnesses went ahead and started to feel unwell yesterday. After I removed the bad things from your body yesterday, most of you felt that your whole body was light and very comfortable. But our universe has this principle of “no loss, no gain.” We cannot remove everything for you. It is absolutely not allowed for you to not endure some suffering. That is, we have removed the fundamental causes of your illnesses and your poor health. But you still have a field of illness. A person whose celestial eye is opened at a very low level can see in your body clusters of black qi, a turbid pathogenic qi that is a condensed, highly concentrated cluster of black qi. Once it diffuses, it will spread all over your body.

From today on, some people will feel chilly all over their bodies as though they’ve caught a heavy cold, and their bones may ache as well. Most of you will feel uncomfortable somewhere. Your legs may ache and your head may feel dizzy. The parts of your body where you had sickness before, which you thought had been healed before through qigong exercises or by a qigong master, will act up again. This is because that qigong master did not cure the illness for you—he only postponed it. It was still there in that spot, so it would recur later if not at that time. We must dig it out and eliminate it completely from its root. With this, you may feel that your illnesses have recurred. This is to remove your karma fundamentally. Thus, you will have reactions. Some people may have physical reactions somewhere. Some may feel uncomfortable in one way or another, as different kinds of discomfort will manifest. These are all normal. I am telling everyone that no matter how uncomfortable you are, you must persevere and continue to attend this class. Once you walk into the classroom, all of your symptoms will vanish and there will not be any danger. There is one point to make to everyone: No matter how much you suffer from the “illness,” I hope that you will continue to come, because it is difficult to obtain the Fa. When you feel very uncomfortable, it indicates that things will turn around after reaching an extreme. Your whole body will be purified; it must be completely purified. The root cause of your illness has been removed, and what remains is only this bit of black qi that will come out on its own to let you suffer a little and bear a little hardship. It wouldn’t do for you to not bear even a little bit.

In ordinary human society, in competing with others for fame and personal gain, you cannot sleep well or eat well, and you’ve gotten your body into very bad shape. When your body is seen from another dimension, the bones are covered in black patches. With this kind of body, it is impossible for you not to have any reactions when it is purified all at once, so you will have reactions. Some people will even throw up and have diarrhea. Many students from different places have raised this issue previously in their experience reports, “Teacher, after attending your class I was looking for a toilet all the way home.” This is because all your internal organs must be purified. A few individuals may fall asleep and wake up as soon as I finish my lecture. Why is that? It is because their brains have illnesses that need to be treated. One will be unable to stand it if one’s brain is worked on. Therefore, the person must be put into a state of anesthesia so he doesn’t know. Yet, some people do not have a problem hearing me. Though they may sleep soundly, they hear everything without missing a single word. They will become very alert afterward and will not feel sleepy even if they go two days without sleep. There are different syndromes that all need adjustment. Your entire body will be purified for you.

As true cultivators of Falun Dafa, when you can give up your attachments, all of you will have reactions from this point on. Those who cannot give up their attachments may claim that they have released them, but in fact they are not able to give them up at all. It is thus very difficult to achieve. There are also some people who later understand the content of my lectures. They let go of some things and their bodies are purified. While others’ bodies are already light, these people just begin to have their illnesses healed and start feeling unwell. In every class there are these kinds of people who lag behind with poorer enlightenment quality. Therefore, it is all normal no matter what you encounter. This situation always occurred when I held classes in other places. Some people were in great discomfort and sat slumped in their seats, waiting for me to step down from the podium to treat them. I would not go and heal them. If you cannot even pass this test—when you cultivate on your own in the future, you will encounter many big tribulations—so if you can’t even overcome this, how can you cultivate? Can’t you even get over this trivial thing? Everyone can make it. So, do not come to me for healing illnesses anymore as I will not treat illness. Once you bring up the word “illness,” I won’t want to listen.

Human beings are very difficult to save. There are always about five or ten percent of the people in each class who cannot keep up with the others. It is impossible for everyone to attain the Tao. Even for those who can continue their cultivation, it remains to be seen whether you can succeed and also if you are determined to cultivate. It is impossible for everyone to become a Buddha. True Dafa cultivators will undergo the same experiences through reading this book and will also obtain everything they deserve.