Fa Teaching Given at the 2002 Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Hongzhi Li
November 30, 2002 ~ Philadelphia, U.S.A.


“On either shore the gibbons’ chatter sounds without pause, while my light boat skims past thousands of crags.”1 (Loud applause) The evil has exhausted its tricks, and the Dafa disciples have matured through the tempering. We’re not afraid of any other tricks it might use. The persecution of Dafa and Dafa disciples has now lasted for over three years, and in no time it’ll be four years. During this period a lot of our Dafa disciples, especially the Dafa disciples in mainland China, have been subjected to evil persecution that’s just unprecedented. In the midst of the terror that was created by lies and deceit, they’ve held up under the persecution, which is just evil to the extreme, and they’ve made it through these three years. That’s outstanding! Ordinary people couldn’t do that.

You know, in mainland China if they want to destroy someone’s name, or if they want to suppress someone, and this includes even the country’s Chairman, it doesn’t take more than three days and that person’s a goner. Of course, it’s not that I’m saying Dafa disciples’ physical bodies are made of diamond or steel. Rather, the reason is, the evil people have absolutely no way to understand cultivators, and all the tricks they’ve acquired from history and that they’re using to attack people can only work on ordinary people. They’re totally useless on cultivators—cultivators who let go of worldly attachments.

Of course, while they’re cultivating, a lot of students still have everyday people’s thinking to some degree or other, and there are folks who’ve always been slack about studying the Fa, as well as a lot of new students who’ve just started to practice. So when suddenly faced with this evil terror, an attack and suppression that’s just overwhelming, it really is terrifying for the students who have strong human thoughts. Those human thoughts made these students confused for a moment and they couldn’t tell what was really going on. But after a period of time, after they calmly thought things over for themselves—“Why am I studying Dafa?” “Now, is Falun Dafa really a good thing?” “Just what kind of person is Li Hongzhi really?”—a lot of people thought these things over in a calm way and with a level head. And the result of that calm thinking was, as they all became even clearer, “What we’re studying is an upright practice, and there’s nothing wrong with the Zhen, Shan, Ren that we’re cultivating.” And you’ve been able to see better and better that all the methods the evil people have used in this persecution are lies and slander, and see that they’ve used all the evil methods out there, that not a single thing is true, and that they’re all just schemes.

So what was the goal of this evil persecution? Was it to protect the regime? Not at all, really. Saying that Falun Gong poses a threat to China’s regime is just a huge lie that’s spread by the evil. A lot of people have asked me, and a lot of people have asked my disciples this too: what’s the true reason for this persecution? Just a buffoon’s jealousy. Since it has power it’s able to do something like this. That might sound pretty ridiculous, or maybe hard to believe—how could something like this happen to mankind, right? But it really has happened. This persecution has happened, as absurd as it may be, due to that buffoon being driven by its twisted jealousy. That’s exactly the reason. That’s the real cause we see here in human society.

But, from another perspective, human beings don’t actually have the ability to do anything significant. What usually happens is that a person’s bad thoughts correlate with evil beings in other dimensions, and then those evil beings capitalize on his bad thoughts to go and do bad things, and this way those evil beings achieve their goals and his bad thoughts’ desires are satisfied. And where do people’s thoughts really come from? Scientists have now realized that man’s brain isn’t really where his thoughts originate. So where do people’s thoughts come from? Everybody thinks they come from what they’ve learned in the ordinary society and from their own reasoning. But that’s not how it works. When an everyday person has a thought about doing something, his brain actually hasn’t gone through some long process of reflection. A lot of things just instantly pop up, and a lot of words just roll right out off the tongue. So then just where exactly do those thoughts come from? We cultivators all know that there are actually connections between a person’s mind and factors in a lot of different dimensions, and when it comes to major things, man is just doing things under the control of other beings. He’s just acting things out here in the human world, that’s all. The surface of the human body, the postnatally formed body, is really nothing.

So while we’re on the subject of the human body, I’ve told you some things about it in a few select settings. But I haven’t talked about it in a larger forum. The reason is, the Fa I’m teaching today is the Fa of the cosmos, Fa-rectification is rectifying the cosmos, and Dafa disciples co-exist with the Fa-rectification, so I can’t talk about those specific things or particular situations in society that are too specific, or too low-level, or that are only in the Three Realms. Those things can’t be written into the Fa of the cosmos. That’s why I haven’t talked about them. I’ve only talked about those things in a few select settings.

Of course, a human being has three souls, seven spirits, and so on, and he also has a human True Skin, along with the two factors provided postnatally by his parents, and these factors that make up a human being exist in dimensions that the human eye can’t see. Some of the matter that he gets from human food makes his human body gradually enlarge on the surface. People call that “growth.” This human body is formed postnatally in the material dimension of everyday people, and late in his years it will age and die out, and it’ll decompose back into matter. So in other words, an everyday person’s postnatally formed body is just a vessel, and the only thing that can exist in the brain of a human body, those so-called thoughts, are actually the surface concepts that have formed in his head with the experiences he’s accumulated in the human growth process. That’s really just what the human body’s thoughts are. But concepts alone don’t constitute rationality. They’re incomplete, they aren’t organized, and they’re incoherent. That’s why when a person lets his main consciousness go he’ll turn irrational—one minute he’ll be talking about one thing, the next minute it’s something else, he’ll jump to this, he’ll jump to that, and it’s all over the place. He doesn’t know what he’s saying or what point he’s trying to make. That happens because he doesn’t have a main theme that ties it all together, and it’s those things that he’s formed postnatally that are manifesting. Also, when a person lets go of his main consciousness it’s not just those concepts that can interfere with him, but any external messages, and that’s why people will say he’s got mental problems.

So, this means that in this persecution what’s manifest here in the human world is that the malicious bad person’s jealousy of Dafa is being manipulated by evil beings in other dimensions who are using that buffoon’s evilness to create such a huge, unparalleled, shameful event—the evil, ludicrous persecution of Dafa students. All of the excuses it’s used to suppress us are fabricated lies. The society’s propaganda machines are all directed by it through its power, and they’ve spread a lot of huge and outrageous lies among the Chinese people and the rest of the world’s people. Although this has been evil, Dafa disciples have matured through the tempering and have come to see all of this for what it is, so now they’re becoming more and more clearheaded, and more and more rational. Initially, some students hadn’t gotten rid of some of their human attachments yet, and that resulted in them not being able to recognize the true nature of the evil, and because their proper, righteous thoughts weren’t adequate they were driven by their attachments and thus developed some human thoughts, and they also revealed the side of them that lacked a sober rationality. But through this persecution Dafa disciples have come to understand the solemn nature of cultivation, and this has allowed you to really see the evil for what it is, and eventually you did well. This especially goes for the Dafa disciples in mainland China, who’ve become more and more mature through this tempering. Now when these Dafa disciples are arrested in the evil’s persecution, it’s not easy anymore like it was back then to do that absurd, so-called “transformation” of them. What “repentance”? What “transformation”? “Transform” into what? They’re all being good people, they’re being the best people in the world—they’re good people that surpass everyday people—so what are you trying to “transform” them into? What “transformation”? The evil has really done all sorts of revolting things. Like I said a long time ago: whoever attacks goodness is definitely evil.

So all things aside, in this persecution the evil beings have the worst goal, while the old forces that have manipulated the evil also have their goal. And what’s their goal? It appears that they’re using those evil beings to do evil to Dafa disciples and Dafa in order to have Dafa disciples be supposedly “matured through tempering” and to weed out those who don’t deserve to be Dafa disciples, and along with this to use the sins that the evil beings have committed against Dafa disciples to destroy them and purify the cosmos. That’s what the old forces have arranged. Sounds so noble, doesn’t it? But it’s not! Their real goal is to get what they want out of this. This isn’t cultivation with a small reach—it’s the cosmos going through Fa-rectification. Everything is just too trivial to even mention next to the Fa-rectification—nothing begins to compare. You can’t compare things that occur in personal cultivation with the Fa-rectification. It doesn’t matter how high an old-force being’s level is, if it can’t place itself properly in this balance of things it’s in danger and will be weeded out during the cosmos’s Fa-rectification; all the countless beings who have been knocked down because of this were from very high levels. What’s most horrifying is that while they’re participating in this, the layers upon layers of old forces have arranged at each level the elimination of the old forces that are one level right below them. They did that because they knew that the beings that have directly done bad things can’t possibly pay for the sins committed against Dafa during this evil drama.

The truth becomes higher with each successive level, and when those at a higher level look at the level below them, what’s arranged at that level to supposedly “help Dafa” is a sin, so they intend to have even those who are doing the manipulating be weeded out in the Fa-rectification, since they have sinned against Dafa, too, when measured with higher truths. But they don’t know that those at a level higher than them will look at them the same way and cast them down in similar fashion. So, the old forces are successively eliminating the old forces, at each level eliminating the ones at the level right below them. But that’s not what I want. None of the beings are worthy of participating in this. Yet they have participated, and with their own motives. But I’ve taught them the Fa constantly and told them about these things. I treat all the different sentient beings the same. Of course, these old forces are attached to what they want to do and to what they want to achieve, they’re doing these things callously and won’t change their ways no matter what, and they’re doing these things while being manipulated by the beings above them. So ultimately, the entire old forces are weeding themselves out until they’re no more.

What I wanted was to have no sentient being interfere with the Fa-rectification, or even participate in it. I would have proceeded with Fa-rectification from the most basic point, the lowest point, all the way up, and with all beings—no matter how bad they were or how much they may have sinned in history—I wouldn’t hold their past faults against them, and I would purify them from the most microcosmic point to the surface of their being, including even the thoughts that they have, rectifying from the bottom up, all the way through. That is the best kind of benevolent solution. Not a single being would have fallen, and not a single being would have sinned against Dafa and this Fa-rectification. Wouldn’t that have been wonderful? But no, they insisted on doing this, and it’s brought on this disaster in human society.

As Dafa disciples, we’re against this persecution. And as your Master I don’t acknowledge this thing, and I don’t acknowledge the whole arrangement the old forces made. This has made the old forces go even more mad. So sometimes it’s not just the evil beings who are taking part in the persecution, but even some high-level beings of the old forces. During the Fa-rectification all beings are choosing for themselves what path they will go down. What every being is truly faced with is choosing his own future.

As you’ve seen, they’ve exhausted all of their tricks in the persecution, and Dafa disciples have matured through the tempering. Whether it’s inside or outside China, all the same, although there are still a lot of beings who’ve been misled by the evil’s propaganda, overall, in other dimensions the strength of the evil and the strength of the righteous are no longer in balance. The strength of the righteous has tipped the scales in its favor as far as they go. Those evil beings can’t hold up now. The wicked people in the world might seem so evil, but that’s actually just arranged by the old forces. I’ve said before that the evil won’t stop persecuting even right up until the very end. Even if it’s going to end tomorrow, today that evil will still do evil just the same. That’s the way things are in the cosmos before the Fa-rectification is done rectifying it. Without going through Fa-rectification it won’t become good on its own—how could it turn good without Fa-rectification? Poison is just poisonous, and if you want it to stop being poisonous it can’t do that. So when you look at it that way, we shouldn’t have any fantasies about the evil forces and those evil people who are persecuting Dafa.

A little while back a lot of students were thinking: “The CCP is going to hold its 16th Congress soon. If that head demon in China, that wretch of the earth, steps down, then won’t our Dafa’s good name be restored? Who’d want to inherit that burden, and who’d be as stupid as it is?” That kind of thinking isn’t wrong in the ordinary society, but it’s not right for a cultivator. With a Dafa like this, how could so many magnificent future gods, magnificent Dafa disciples, who’ve been forged through Dafa cultivation put their hope in some ordinary person? Aren’t we insulting ourselves? Could human beings control gods? But a lot of our Dafa disciples were thinking that way. It’s not a big deal if one person thinks that way, and it’s not a big deal if two people think that way—that’s just their personal cultivation issue. But if everybody thinks that way, then what kind of situation will there be among the larger group of Dafa disciples? It’ll be a major disruption, a strong attachment, and that can’t be allowed. I saw it, and the old forces saw it, too. The old forces thought, “Wait a minute, what’s this?” So they made the outcome of the CCP’s 16th Congress worse.

As I’ve said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples’ thoughts. Even though the old forces do exist, if you don’t have those thoughts they can’t do anything. When your righteous thoughts are strong enough the old forces can’t do a thing. If someone in ordinary society really did restore our Dafa’s name, think about it, maybe human beings will do this, but have you thought about this: how high would I have to position that person? Isn’t that right? You’re cultivators, and all changes come from your cultivation and the Fa-rectification; everything that you yourselves validate and enlighten to, and everything that you’ll receive, all this comes from what you have done on your path. Absolutely don’t think about any favors the old forces might do for us, or about how the ordinary society might help us. You are the ones saving the ordinary people’s society, and you are the ones saving sentient beings!

When you’ve been persecuted or been under pressure in the ordinary society, it’s hard to prevent your human thoughts from having an effect, so some human thoughts might surface, but don’t give that too much weight. Fa-rectification disciples, the persecution has already come to this stage, and Dafa has already come to this stage in the Fa-rectification: What’s there for us to still be afraid of? Haven’t you already seen your future very well? So when it comes to those evil beings and their arrangements, as long as your righteous thoughts are strong enough you can reject them, repel them, and make them helpless. But being among ordinary people and facing these things, although you’ve had different takes on things, and there might even be more of us who’ve had different understandings and who’ve displayed some human thoughts, it’s not all that surprising. That’s because while you’re improving yourself in cultivation, your path of validating Dafa, of saving sentient beings, and of moving towards the final Consummation is going to be a bumpy one. What’s key is that you take every step well after you come to realize something.

As I’ve said, if no beings had persecuted Dafa they could all have a benevolent solution. But I knew that if all beings in the cosmos were that good then there wouldn’t be a need for Fa-rectification. They were sure to surface, it was just a question of what form it would take. So that created a test for our Dafa disciples. That’s all. This is a kind of natural manifestation, but, this type of arrangement by the old forces, this careful arrangement, this really systematic arrangement that goes from top to bottom, is a first-ever. And this massive tribulation is really enormous. What you experience and perceive is just the manifestation in man’s society, but what I see is utterly shocking to even the beings of the greater cosmos. Maybe mankind can’t understand what I’m saying. But when human beings see the display of the cosmos’s planets going through re-creation arrive at the surface of our Milky Way, they will believe everything. (Applause)

Like I just said, during the whole Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples have done really well overall, and Dafa disciples have become more and more mature through the tempering. While validating the Fa, no matter what form Dafa disciples use to save sentient beings, and no matter how you contribute, or what methods you use, you are validating the Fa, and you are forging ahead on the path of clarifying the facts. You’re doing better and better, too, and you’re becoming more and more rational. And you’re cooperating better and better with each other as Dafa disciples. Maybe a lot of students have had the experience before, where our Dafa disciples have arguments when they do something together, and they look pretty heated sometimes, and after your human thoughts come out it even affects your grand task of validating the Fa. However, as your understandings of the Fa have improved and your human thoughts have been whittled away, these things and these manifestations have become less and less intense. So why do arguments happen? It’s in fact exactly because that little bit of your not-yet-removed stuff at your human surface is at work. But when your righteous thoughts are strong enough it’s powerless. You all know the Fa is good, that you should safeguard the Fa, that you have to do certain things, and that you have to go save sentient beings and validate the Fa. But when your righteous thoughts are not up to par, human thoughts get mixed in. Then this makes you agitated like an ordinary person gets, and some people even feel like they’ve just got to insist on their own ideas, and this, combined with some other factors, has resulted in some situations that shouldn’t happen among Dafa disciples. You’ve done fairly well recently, and that’s because you are becoming more and more mature.

Actually, did you know that Great Enlightened Beings have a lot of things in the heavens that they too need to coordinate and discuss with each other? Buddha Shakyamuni said that there are as many Tathagatas as there are grains of sand in the Ganges River. Or to put it another way, of the Fa Kings in the heavens, the Buddha type of gods alone are as many as the grains of sand in the Ganges. And that’s just a small number—what he talked about was just what he could see from his realm. Then what about other gods? Buddhas are only one type of god in the cosmos, and they don’t number that many. And, there are countless gods of all different types, there are so many of them that it’s impossible to count them, there’s an infinite number of beings. Now, if they were to argue when they do something, that’d be big trouble, since every Enlightened Being has his own set of truths that he has validated and enlightened to from the Fa-truths of the cosmos, and he’s formed a set of his own things with his understanding of the cosmos. For example, Buddha Shakyamuni’s own set of things is called “Precept, Concentration, Wisdom.” So, since each Great Enlightened Being and each being in the cosmos has his own set of understandings of the cosmos like that, if they were to start arguing wouldn’t that be disastrous? That kind of thing doesn’t exist where they are.

So what’s their state of mind? It’s tolerance, an extremely immense tolerance, being able to accept other beings, and being able to truly think from other beings’ perspectives. This is something a lot of you haven’t achieved yet in your cultivation, but you’re gradually catching on and achieving it. When another god proposes an idea, they aren’t eager to reject it, and they aren’t eager to express their own ideas and they don’t believe that their own ideas are good. Instead, they look at what the end result of the other god’s proposed approach will be. What they have gone through in their existence is different—everyone goes through different things—and the truths that beings validate and enlighten to in the Fa are different, too, but the results might very well be the same. That’s why they look at the results, and if the result of a god’s idea can achieve the goal, if it can truly achieve it, then all of them will go along with it. That’s how gods think. Also, if there’s something lacking in it they will unconditionally and quietly do what they can to make things more ideal. That’s how they handle things.

Dafa disciples, in your cultivation in the ordinary human world you all have understood something clearly that’s based on the Fa’s principles, namely, not to be attached to the “gain and loss” of ordinary people. So when things related to validating the Fa are involved, there too you shouldn’t insist on voicing “my ideas” or on having things done “my way.” It’s not like only then can you establish mighty virtue in the cosmos. If you’ve got a good idea, well, you came up with it, you’re being responsible to the Fa, and it’s not important whether your idea is adopted or whether your approach is used. If another person’s idea can achieve the same effect and you aren’t attached to your own idea and instead you go along with his, then whether you’ve shared your approach or not, gods will all see this and think, “Look, he isn’t attached, and he’s able to be so tolerant and broadminded.” What do gods look at? Isn’t this what they look at? When you’re attached to emphasizing your things you are too caught up in it and the gods watching above can’t stand it. Even though you keep claiming it’s for the good of Dafa, and that “my approach is good” and can reach such and such goal—and maybe that really is the case—still, we shouldn’t have attachments that are too much like ordinary people. If you can really do that, all the gods will say, “This person is truly remarkable.” It’s not like gods see that your idea worked and then they raise your level. Instead, they only raise your level when they see that your understanding in that area has improved. This is a principle of a true Fa. If you’re thinking, “I’ll have XYZ happen to me if I’ve gained such and such amount of merit,” well, yes, that’s how it works for an ordinary person, and it might be what’s looked at as far as certain facets of the cosmos’s Fa-truths go or in a particular situation. But true improvements come from letting go, not from gaining or getting your way. (Loud applause)

We have a lot of students who’ve really been improving fast as they continue to cultivate themselves. And as a whole you’ve especially done better and better in improving together, and in cooperating with each other. Now it’s a matter of how you can do even better and in a more refined way the things that now need to be done. Since you’re Dafa disciples, you shouldn’t put your hopes in so-called “natural” changes, external changes, changes in the ordinary society, or in some favors that someone might do for us. You are divine beings, and you are the future rulers of different cosmoses, so who would you count on? All the beings are counting on you! (Applause) That’s truly how it is. The cosmos’s reality will manifest in the near future, and at that time whether we have done well or poorly will be set—however things went will be set. As long as this affair hasn’t ended there’s still an opportunity. Each one of us is walking his own path, and consummating his own Attainment Status. In the future, Dafa disciples will be able to see whether they’ve done well on this path of validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. You will even see vividly the little things that happened somewhere during your process of Fa-rectification. Of course, the evil and the bad beings can’t see the future. The sentient beings that you’ve saved, and those sentient beings who are able to realize what’s going on as you clarify the facts, will soon witness the magnificent scene of your Consummation. (Applause) And that will definitely be something glorious and admirable.

Of course, recently some things have happened to our Dafa disciples. There are a lot of things Master can’t really tell you about—especially when they are still unfolding. The reason being, the old forces think that if I tell you, they’ll have to make things even harder for you. That’s why I didn’t tell you until now about even the issue of your cooperating with each other. I talked about it because you’ve already started to do well with it, and now you’re able to handle it well, you’ve gradually realized it.

Some students say with their lips, “I reject the old forces’ arrangements.” In key situations they can handle themselves quite well, but under normal circumstances they’re likely to ease up their righteous thoughts, and when their righteous thoughts aren’t adequate they’re likely to have problems. Of course, I’m not talking about everyone. I’m talking about an extremely small number of folks—there are very few of them. So why does that happen? In history the old forces arranged many, many things, and they made extremely thorough and intricate arrangements. And to make sure that nothing would go wrong with what they arranged they did a practice run with the previous earth. Think about it—how could they not be attached to it? Could they possibly let go of what they wanted to do? But even so, if our righteous thoughts are very strong, then we’re in line with a law in the cosmos, and this law holds in both the old cosmos and the new one: a being’s choice is up to him, even if he made some kind of vow in history. At critical moments it’s still up to him what he wants to do. And this goes for things that are positive and negative—it’s the case for both.

During the course of their cultivation in the past, a lot of disciples were assigned by the old forces to come interfere with things or play a negative role. But, they rejected that, they developed righteous thoughts through cultivating, they no longer want to do that, and they’ve become true Dafa disciples. Some, however, have acted a bit poorly, and so they’ve been led by the old forces and have caused a lot of unexpected things to happen. What I want to talk about here isn’t that group of people. What I’m going to talk about are some incidents that have happened recently to our true Dafa disciples. Of course, those are isolated cases, but you all know about them and you’ve been thinking about them. The truth is that some of you have reincarnated time and time again over the course of history, and while you were in human society, lost in delusion, you might very well have signed some kind of pact with the old forces, like for example, “During the Fa-rectification I will do such and such or take such and such path on a certain day.” At that time, within the laws of the old Fa it seemed absolutely correct, so a few of you students have signed that type of pact, and that’s why from time to time some things happen among our Dafa disciples. The goal behind those problems is this: the old forces think that some students believe that once they cultivate Dafa they have nothing to worry about, “As long as I’m a Dafa disciple I won’t be in any kind of danger.” So they saw this and thought: “We can’t allow this. Isn’t this like getting some kind of insurance? Once they learn Dafa they’re not worried about anything. Isn’t that a huge attachment in and of itself?” So those old forces caused trouble in Dafa. That’s how these things came about. But when they caused trouble why didn’t Master’s countless Law Bodies and the countless righteous gods who safeguard the Fa do anything about it? It’s because some of our Dafa disciples signed some sort of pact with the old forces back in history, and so the old forces have latched onto this fact with a death grip and won’t let go.

But it’s not that you can’t get rid of it. As I just said, even if sometime in history you did sign some kind of pact, if today your righteous thoughts are very strong, you don’t recognize it, and you insist on not taking part in it, then you can in fact reject it. But this is a bit hard for you to handle in a case like this. What’s hard is that the old forces won’t let you go that easily, they’ll try to take advantage of your gaps, and when you’re just a little bit off they’ll seize the opportunity. So when your righteous thoughts are very strong they can’t take advantage of you, and this is because in Fa-rectification Dafa doesn’t acknowledge the old forces’ arrangements, and I, as your Master, don’t acknowledge them either. Of course, each one of our Dafa disciples says that we don’t recognize the old forces’ arrangements, but that’s not something you just say—you have to follow the requirements of Dafa and the Fa-rectification. “I absolutely will not acknowledge any of those things you arranged in the past, old forces. I don’t even acknowledge you.” When your righteous thoughts are very strong you can purge it and you can reject their arrangements. (Applause) And that’s because we absolutely cannot acknowledge them.

How could the beings in the cosmos arrange their own futures? That’s absolutely not allowed. You’ll become aware of this law in the future. How was the cosmos created? It was created just by a Great Fa Enlightened Being’s one thought. (Applause) The single thoughts of the Great Enlightened Beings at different levels created cosmoses at different levels. Imagine if after that one thought created the cosmos the beings inside it were to say, “Don’t create me in this way, you should create me in such and such way.” Is it up to them? It’s not. Those beings are really insignificant in the eyes of that god whose one thought created them. But those Great Enlightened Beings, those gods who created the beings, they absolutely must meet the standard for a god and meet the Fa’s standard, and they have to have great mercy and compassion. So the cosmoses they created are bound to be wonderful; the thoughts they produce are pure and wonderful. That’s why it’s considered just extremely crucial that a being meet the standard for the cosmos’s beings at certain levels. So in other words, we can’t acknowledge the arrangements that the old forces made for us, no matter what they did, because they, too, are candidates for being saved, only they’ve chosen to be weeded out. How could someone who’s to be saved choose how he’s saved? It’s like he falls into water and someone tries to save him, but he says: “You can’t save me directly with your hands. You have to save me with a boat that I like.” How could that be?

Some of the things that happened recently were due to historic reasons. I didn’t tell you that before because I didn’t want you to form an attachment—“What’s my connection to the old forces?” None of you should think about that. Those cases are very, very few, and the intention at the time was very good, it was for the Fa. That’s why those Dafa disciples have Consummated all the same (applause), and at extremely high levels. (Applause) That’s why those things happened. So Fa-study is extremely important. Your righteous thoughts and everything you accomplish come from the Fa, so no matter how busy you are, don’t neglect Fa-study.

That’s all I’m going to say, because two days ago when the students who are working on the TV project had a meeting I said a lot to them. They asked a lot of questions that are representative, so today I won’t answer questions for you. I plan to ask them to process the audio recording from that day, and after I revise it I’ll publish it. The questions they asked that day are common among you, they were questions that you want to know about and resolve. That’s all I’ll say. Thank you! (Applause)

Dafa disciples’ futures are certainly bright—they’re absolutely bright. (Long applause)

Footnotes: (from the translators)

1 The last two lines from a famous Tang Dynasty poem by Li Bai.

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