Handling Handwritten Copies of Scriptures 

More and more people are now learning Dafa, and the number is doubling on a weekly basis. Publishers’ book supplies are inadequate, so they cannot meet the demand. The books are thus unavailable in some regions or in the countryside. Some students have asked me what to do with their handwritten copies of Dafa. I can tell you that for the time being it is alright for you to give the copies of Zhuan Falun or other scriptures that you have handwritten during your study of Dafa to those who go to the rural areas to spread the practice and the Fa; bringing them to farmers can at the same time lessen their economic burdens. Therefore, this requires that students’ handwritten copies be legible so that farmers with limited education can understand them. Handwritten copies have the same power of Fa as the printed books. 

Li Hongzhi

June 26, 1996