Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Zhengzhou

Hongzhi Li
Zhengzhou, China

Student: I constantly spend a lot of time spanking and yelling at hyperactive, unruly children. Am I overreacting?

Master: We do need to improve the way we educate children. If you find that yelling and spanking don’t work, then you should indeed improve your approach. Let me tell you that they are also individuals. Even though they are your sons and daughters, after a lifetime no one recognizes each other. What you owe them has to be paid back! You may not believe what I say, but some people are so lost in the maze of ordinary people—they’re very attached to these things. They put so much pressure on their children, hoping they will pass admissions tests and go to college. Let me tell you, though, you will owe them a lot. In the future it will be turned around—they will be your parents, and they will do the same to you. It’s a question of approach. If you raise children but don’t teach them, that is doing a bad thing, and you will owe them for this.

Student: What do Dissolving Body and Repaying Body mean?

Master: I won’t tell you about this. These are terms used to define things in Buddhism. I have incorporated the science of the human body into my teachings, and it can’t be any clearer. Now there’s talk of three souls and seven spirits and things like that. Let me tell you, they’re speaking too vaguely. How vaguely? Your heart, liver, lungs, and other internal organs, your cerebrum, brain, all of your blood vessels and cells—they all have your image. Who knows what they are referring to when they talk about the three souls and seven spirits. The front half of your body, the back half of your body, and your hands and feet all have your image. What do you think they’re referring to? I think they’re being too vague. Here we have explained things the most clearly.

Student: When I do the exercise, “Strengthening Divine Powers,” my lower abdomen sometimes undulates. It’s similar to the regulation of breathing that I experienced when I did other qigong practices in the past.

Master: Yes, it will be like that. Just do the exercises normally and don’t worry about it; it is a state. In the beginning, when Dafa regulates the breathing, it is automatic.

Student: Why is it that after doing the exercises, one hand feels hot and the other feels cool?

Master: This is a normal reaction. The Tao school talks about the clear separation of yin and yang. Perhaps this side is hot and that side is cool, or perhaps that side is hot and this side is cool—these are all normal states. All kinds of states will occur.

Student: When doing the Falun Dafa exercises, it’s required that the tongue touch the roof of the mouth. What if I have a mouthful of dentures that block the roof of my mouth?

Master: That doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter even if you have installed iron teeth, let alone dentures. A lead plate couldn’t separate it, since what we cultivate is energy. When I was in Beijing people came to do scientific experiments with me. They had me hold an x-ray film that was sealed between a few layers of lead plates and a few layers of black paper, on the outside. When they developed the x-ray film afterwards, it had my handprint on it. It had the imprint of my hand. This shows that not even a lead plate can block energy. We aren’t practicing to get qi, and it is those that practice to get qi who have to be concerned over this or that. Some people ask me whether we should avoid the wind. Even if there is a force-ten gale, as long as you can remain standing, you can go ahead and do the exercises, as nothing will be lost. You won’t lose any energy from it. Qi is what would normally be lost.

Student: When sitting with the legs crossed, is it true that if my legs don’t hurt it’s not working?

Master: Not necessarily. Our school of practice doesn’t rely only on this method to eliminate karma. We take the path of tempering your xinxing in ordinary people’s society. Of course, physically you need to endure some things. I have talked about this before—it doesn’t entirely rely on cultivating in meditation.

Student: If a child under the age of six unintentionally saw images on the Falun symbol, will his or her Third Eye be opened?

Master: If he saw it unintentionally, he wouldn’t know it even if the Third Eye was open. Often after a child’s Third Eye opens he doesn’t pay attention to it. When he sees something, he thinks that everyone can see it like him. He is very innocent and won’t pay any attention to it.

Student: My child studied Teacher’s Falun Dafa and accepted Teacher’s teachings, but didn’t do the exercises well. Will the Falun still be there?

Master: If he doesn’t do the exercises well, and doesn’t follow the requirements of Falun Dafa, then how can you say that he accepted my teachings? We don’t just give a Falun casually to an ordinary person. Whether it’s an adult or a child, they all have to follow the standard of Falun Dafa. But children are very innocent. Once your child studied it, although on the surface he didn’t do the exercises well, his xinxing was changing, as the Fa took root in his heart.

Student: In the future Teacher won’t hold any more classes. Will we still be able to see Master?

Master: Even though I’m not holding any more classes, I didn’t come from a secluded mountain or deep forest and I won’t disappear into the mountains. Those that cultivate well can see me every day. Even if you can’t see me, I’m still there.

Student: When we have practiced to a level beyond the Milk-White Body state, will we have the supernormal ability of sensing others’ bodies with our own?

Master: I have talked about this—that’s not a supernormal ability. For the vast majority of you here who attended my class, you passed the stage of the Milk-White Body before you even had a chance to feel it. Actually, I pulled you up and then pushed you forward to another stage. If you were to practice and go through this process by yourself, you’d have to practice for a lifetime. I finished doing it for you in eight days. The breakthrough in your levels was so rapid that it passed before you even felt it.

Student: When I’m doing the meditation, once my eyes are closed I want to look at the image of the internal energy channels and channels moving in my body. Is this inappropriate in terms of Falun Dafa?

Master: If you see images, then it’s just that your Third Eye is opened. This is normal.

Student: I am in the same room as a newborn infant. Will the energy of the Falun emitted by our Dafa and the energy mechanisms in my body have any effect on the newborn infant’s Third Eye?

Master: You shouldn’t be attached to these things. As for children and newborn infants, just go with whatever happens naturally. What should be gained will be gained, and what shouldn’t be gained won’t be. Children’s Third Eyes are generally open.

Student: I will be going to Hong Kong very soon. Will your Law Body protect me, your disciple?

Master: It doesn’t matter if you go to Hong Kong, to America, or even off to the moon or the sun. My Law Body will be able to protect you. But don’t be attached to it—it is solely for the sake of your cultivation that my Law Body takes care of you.

Student: Since ancient times, the only way for cultivating to become an immortal or a Buddha was the one path of the Golden Dan Great Way. How is this related to what you call the master soul (zhu yuanshen)?

Master: That’s just what you have come to know. That one path of the Golden Dan Great Way that people have talked about since ancient times is what ordinary people talk about. Everyone in the heavens knows that my Falun Dafa is the best Fa. Of course there are other cultivation ways—it’s extremely mysterious and profound. How could humans understand such things?

Student: No matter which exercise I practice, it always feels like there’s a lot of qi and blood intersecting and flowing in my brain. Is this the Falun turning, or is the Falun adjusting things in my cerebrum?

Master: Every kind of state will occur in a practitioner’s body, thousands upon thousands of states—so many they can’t be counted. We can’t talk about each individual occurrence; we don’t have time to discuss each and every one. If you want to practice, just look at it as a good phenomenon and don’t concern yourself with it. You might have one state today and some other one tomorrow, but you should just look at it as something good. And in fact, all of it is just your body being adjusted. But what about those wavering thoughts you are having? Are they attachments? Can you practice if you are so fearful? Can you get past it? Isn’t this in fact setting up challenges for yourself? How will you get rid of the attachments that come about? Perhaps the reason this has happened is to have you get rid of this attachment while in this state.

Student: Do the five hand positions during meditation have names?

Master: The hand positions that are performed in motion don’t have set names.

Student: Is the Great Lotus Flower hand position one of the hand positions or the general name for the five hand positions?

Master: The Great Lotus Flower hand position is one set hand position.

Student: How high is your gong power now? Have you personally experienced what you have talked about during your lectures?

Master: I have experienced so many things. If, let’s say, I have a yard, ten yards, or a hundred yards, then what I’ve revealed to you isn’t even an inch of it—you’re not allowed to know too much. True masters don’t flaunt themselves. What I’m teaching here is this Fa, and you should just conduct yourselves according to this Fa. And I can tell you, nobody who genuinely cultivates according to this Fa has incurred any problems, so just go and cultivate. In the past, at the Guizhou lecture I said something. Someone asked me, “Teacher, how high is your level?” I said, “Just go and cultivate. Since teaching the Fa publicly—actually, even before I came to the public—nothing has been able to budge me.” Simply because I said this, a three-hundred-year-old person from that area came to fight with me, out of jealousy. In the end he was done in. Even though he had been cultivating to the point of being three hundred years old, this Dafa being taught to the public is no laughing matter, and nobody is allowed to casually meddle with it. In the end he knew that I was saving people, but it was too late for him. The Fa couldn’t allow him to continue on.

Student: While doing the sitting meditation, sometimes it feels like I’m becoming bigger and sometimes smaller.

Master: These are all good things. Once a person starts to practice, his master soul will have energy to fill him up, and he can then change. When he is expanding he will feel very big. But this flesh body of yours doesn’t change, the change is in another body, and it is he who feels as if he is very big. He can also shrink and become very small. Actually it’s all very normal, and I don’t want to explain these phenomena. There are many different states, more than thousands upon thousands of them.

Student: While doing the Strengthening Divine Powers exercise, my whole body will shake or a part will shake. Can I still practice?

Master: If your shaking is like trembling in fear, then perhaps there is some animal or spirit possession involved, and it is afraid. If it’s a normal, slow shaking of the body, then perhaps it is the energy current flushing the energy channels, but you shouldn’t shake along with it.

Student: There are two people who learned Falun Dafa from veteran students for a period of two months. Now, while doing the Strengthening Divine Powers exercise, they have the feeling of qi, and with that all kinds of movements appear.

Master: That is demonic interference—hurry up and get rid of those self-induced movements! Whenever someone does movements that are not of Falun Dafa while in a state of tranquility—of course, I’m talking about genuine cultivators of Falun Dafa—if your movements aren’t of Falun Dafa, you need to hurry up and get rid of them! You all see me doing the greater hand positions, and you want to learn them; some people feel that they can do the hand positions, too, once they give it a try. Let me tell you, it may very well be demons interfering with you, as my Law Body would definitely not teach you these things. And this is especially true for those who are involved with another practice: if this situation appears it is certainly interference.

Student: After I started attending the class, I heard a great noise in one ear, and there was qi rushing out of the other. Later when I went to sleep, I heard music. What happened?

Master: That’s just your Celestial Ear being opened. Your Celestial Ear was opened up, blown open by an explosion.

Student: The master soul and subordinate soul are both part of the body. Since the master soul has to die in the end anyway, isn’t it fine to let the subordinate soul complete cultivation?

Master: It’s fine, and in the past that is how people cultivated one generation after another. But [if you’re going to do that] you shouldn’t practice our Falun Dafa, you should practice something else. Even if you practice Falun Dafa, you won’t gain anything. This is because this thing of ours is given to the master soul. Who would say the master soul can die? The master soul can’t die. But I have got to say that you’re being awfully generous there: you’d let yourself die and let the subordinate soul cultivate. I think that somebody with animal or spirit possession wrote this question.

Student: I heard veteran practitioners say that there are Faluns turning all over their bodies, yet I only feel one in my lower abdomen. Can I also have that many?

Master: There is a big attachment here. The reason they have many Faluns is that I am adjusting their bodies, but only one is given to them to keep. Your situations are already extremely extraordinary. Let me tell you, you may see yourselves listening to the Fa, but there are many other people that you can’t see who are here listening to the Fa. When they started they didn’t believe in the power of Dafa and how this practice of ours allows one to advance so quickly. When my students traveled with me by train one time, some Taoist cultivators from the mountains who saw my students found it to be almost inconceivable. They asked me how long these students had been studying, and I said that some had studied for half a year, and some for a year. I asked, “How do my students compare with you?” They said, “There’s no more than a handful who can match them.” And those people had cultivated for hundreds of years or even more than a thousand years. You should think about what I have given you. Some [of the Taoists] said that they wanted to sit down and start crying—wouldn’t you want to cry too [in that situation]?

Student: When sitting cross-legged and doing the Strengthening Divine Powers exercise, my legs hurt very much in the beginning. At what point in my cultivation will the legs stop hurting?

Master: When you cultivate to the state of not having any more karma.

Student: I can’t feel the Falun that Master installed in my lower abdomen. Do I have to take part in a few more classes before it can be fully installed?

Master: Some people just don’t feel anything, while some are quite sensitive—it just varies. It doesn’t matter whether you feel something or not; none who truly cultivate in Falun Dafa will be left behind. Your understanding is incorrect. Those who study by themselves and truly cultivate can attain it all. Also, there’s no such concept as installing it fully or not.

Student: Do students that have attended just one class attain the same things as those who have attended more than one class?

Master: Yes, they won’t be given even a little bit more. Many of our students who attend the class multiple times, over and over again, aren’t here to gain something. They’re here because they come to a new understanding each time. They come to study the Fa and listen to the Fa, as they know this Fa is precious—they’re not here to gain something. If it were something where someone gets a little bit more each time he comes to the class, well, to make a joke, that would be pretty greedy [of them].

Student: How do we protect children whose Third Eyes are open?

Master: Our students of Falun Dafa, the youngsters among our students, or a child in your care who attained a Falun or whose Third Eye is open—you shouldn’t casually tell these things to those out there who don’t cultivate. You also shouldn’t casually tell your child’s classmates or teachers at school, or your child will not have any peace.

Student: For those people who have lived in a world like this, can their souls be left without a trace and be restored to their original purity without any blemishes?

Master: It can happen, and you can surpass your origin. Of course if you want to cultivate to that level of purity among ordinary people in one shot, it’s not enough to just rely on your own strength. At the last moment, all of your remaining things and bad elements will be removed. Qing is something that physically exists. You have to cultivate it away, and you need to change yourself in terms of your thinking to keep it from being generated again. The last remaining bit will all be removed for you, at which time you are purified, becoming extremely pure. Cultivation is about people’s minds, about changing their ways of thinking. However pure your thoughts are, that is your Attainment Status. After Consummation, your thoughts will completely consummate to the way of thinking at that level, and you will no longer have the human way of thinking.

Student: Which body does the master soul enter in the end? What state is the other body in?

Master: Which body does the master soul enter? The body that you cultivate is entirely yours. Bodies of other dimensions are one entity to begin with—they are all your one body. After your flesh body is transformed into high-energy matter, there is no such concept as bodies in other dimensions.

Student: After going into the Grand Hall of Shaolin Temple, the Falun in my lower abdomen rapidly rotated counterclockwise. What happened?

Master: Rotating clockwise and counterclockwise are both normal. It’s a really good place, a very good temple. Of course we won’t talk about the state of those monks who are cultivating now. What we are talking about is the temple being a very good temple.

Student: When doing the exercise position Holding the Wheel on Both Sides of the Head, I always hear ringing in my ears.

Master: That’s right. Holding the Wheel on Both Sides of the Head can open up people’s ears. Some people think, “That’s great, I’ll just do that every day.” This is an attachment! I don’t like to tell new students these kinds of things because it’s easy for them to develop an attachment to them. Once they become attached, they will be obstructed.

Student: Before practicing Falun Dafa, I dreamt about going up in the sky, flying around in the sky, and entering the ground. That’s what I saw. Was it my subordinate soul?

Master: No, it wasn’t. If your consciousness was flying in the sky, then that was your master soul that left the body. Wherever your consciousness is, that is where you are. If you say that you saw yourself flying in the sky while you were sitting there, then that was your subordinate consciousness flying.

Student: Once, after doing the sitting meditation for half an hour, my whole body got tight and I wanted to exert a lot of effort. Then I curled into a ball and did the exercise with everything I had. What happened?

Master: Don’t worry about it. It has to do with the being of yours from the past. Don’t worry about it, just keep doing the exercises.

Student: When doing electrical welding work I come into contact with smoke, dust, and electrical arc lights. Do they have any effect on my body?

Master: It doesn’t matter for practitioners.

Student: The first day I did the exercises, I felt a round object enter my abdomen from the outside and then it slowly went towards my navel. Is this the Falun installed by the Teacher?

Master: Practitioners shouldn’t concern themselves with these matters. I can’t explain every kind of situation. Don’t add to your attachments.

Student: I bought a calendar of some qigong master and a book of his. Can I display the calendar or read the book in the same room as Teacher’s image?

Master: No, because you can only cultivate on one path. Even if he is a true qigong master, a really good qigong master, let me tell you, he doesn’t have the power to get rid of things of evil demons and crooked ways, so he has to accommodate them. That’s why some practices include those things. Although he himself may do an upright practice, he can’t do anything about it, and he can’t control what he gives out to the public.

Student: Can those who work for long periods of time on boats achieve the same results when they cultivate Falun Dafa?

Master: It’s the same. It is the same doing the exercises out at sea or on a river.

Student: When practitioners eat, can they just eat until they’re pretty much full, as long as they have enough strength to carry on?

Master: Eating until they’re pretty much full? [You’re asking whether you should eat until] pretty much full or totally full. If you want to eat until full you can go ahead. Why are you leaving some room? If it were a time of famine, then it would be fine if you ate a little less. Your body is still practicing in In-Triple-World Law, and you still need the things of In-Triple-World Law to give you nutrition. Otherwise, wouldn’t your body die? Until you are replaced by high-energy matter, how could you not eat? It’s okay for you to eat well as long as you’re not attached to it.

Student: Can those that study Falun Dafa have pets?

Master: The Buddha school goes by not killing and not raising, and perhaps the Tao school thinks this way too. But there are features of the Tao school where they have animals with abilities, turtles and the like. At extremely high levels, they have one or two to protect the Fa, but they have to pick exceptionally good ones. Since these things are with a person when he practices, as a person’s level increases, it’s easy for them to attain some special abilities. Once they attain special abilities, because they don’t care about xinxing, they will do bad things and turn into demons.

Student: At night when I’m practicing by myself with my eyes closed, when I think about how the surroundings are very quiet, I feel really afraid.

Master: Let me tell you, Falun Dafa is now known everywhere in every dimension. As Falun Dafa is being passed on in ordinary people’s society, there are many kinds of messed up things and things of many dimensions that want to take a look—they are strange and peculiar looking, there are all kinds of them. When you are practicing they will come and watch you, and you are so frightened that you feel the hair on your arms stand up. But remember that my Law Body is there and no one can hurt you, they just want to have a look. Why do you feel really scared? It’s because your subordinate soul sees them and is pretty scared. Actually it doesn’t matter at all.

Student: What’s the Falun Paradise like?

Master: Have you heard of the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss? The Falun Paradise is even more beautiful.

Student: If I know there are karmic debts among my family members, how should we live together? How should the debt be repaid? How should past favors be returned?

Master: There is no way you could know such things. Others aren’t allowed to know these ordinary type things. Only after cultivators reach Consummation will they know. You shouldn’t be attached to these things anymore. Everyone has his or her destiny; just go along with the predestined connections.

Student: How should we take care of the disabled?

Master: Why are you asking me about things of ordinary people? Would you also ask me how to take care of your parents, or how to look after your kids? These are all things of ordinary people. I’m teaching the Fa and things of cultivating to high levels. That said, if disabled people have it too easy, then they can’t repay karma. In the next life they might be disabled again.

Student: If one receives incorrect orders from his superiors, how should it be handled?

Master: These are all things of ordinary people. As for what practitioners should do, just follow the requirements of the Fa. Every situation may have a connection that caused it to happen. Even though you don’t think it’s right, perhaps it is actually correct. He’s the boss, so just do well whatever he tells you to do. Of course, if he tells you to kill people or commit arson, or tells you to do bad things, then certainly you shouldn’t do it. You can’t do things that are wrong when it comes to matters of principle; however, the standard for how we define a matter of principle is different.

Student: When a practitioner does something wrong unintentionally, does Teacher’s Law Body know it? Will the Law Body punish him?

Master: Of course he will know. If you have cultivated quite well, at that moment he will try to enlighten you to the issue. Perhaps there will be immediate karmic retribution, so that you can repay the karma produced from your wrongdoing. If you haven’t cultivated well, he might not punish you, because he sees that you’re not up to the standard, and you are continually like this. You can’t always be made to pay your debts on the spot and have immediate karmic retribution whenever it happens, over and over again. It just won’t do to try to raise your understanding like that, and it’s not permitted to do it that way.

Student: Would you show us your Falun and Law Body?

Master: What else do you want to see?! Is that for ordinary people to see?! Your thinking emits such a bad attachment—being able to see a Buddha means that the person has an attainment status already. Does this sound like a question asked by a practitioner? If everything were seen, then there wouldn’t be any enlightening involved anymore, and cultivation wouldn’t be permitted. [If your request were to be granted], on top of ruining you, wouldn’t that ruin many others as well?

Student: When doing the exercise Strengthening Divine Powers, sometimes my head will move.

Master: Don’t let it move, that’s how it must be. You should relax naturally.

Student: Near our practice site there is often noxious smoke from burning leaves that wafts our way. Should we stop practicing when that happens?

Master: In parks the tree leaves are raked up and then burned, but this doesn’t affect your practicing. If it’s really irritating, then just stop for a little while or move to a different place to practice. Otherwise I don’t think it matters.

Student: When items that we use from day to day are broken, is it creating karma and at the same time losing virtue, or just creating karma without losing virtue?

Master: Shakyamuni said that all things are sentient, and actually we see in other dimensions that everything is alive. If your Third Eye reaches the level of Law Vision, when you go outside or once the door opens you will see that even rocks and walls will speak to you and greet you. But I’m telling you to look at the big picture, cultivate confidently and with dignity, and don’t become attached to these little things. Humans have their own way of life. A true cultivator of Dafa can dissolve a lot of karma in one day. So for cultivators of Dafa, karma is not that frightening.

Student: When doing the one-handed gliding up-and-down movement, some people’s shoulders and hands will go up and down together in the gliding motion, and the whole body will move with it.

Master: This is incorrect. The shoulders and body should be relaxed and remain still.

Student: Someone in my home is involved in a practice with animal possession. When I try to talk him out of it, he doesn’t listen. What should I do?

Master: Just let things happen naturally. You can’t control anyone’s mind—you can only encourage him or her to be good. If they don’t listen, then leave it alone. Master will clear the environment for true disciples, and their messed-up things won’t be allowed to come in the door.

Student: What about giving presents out of friendship?

Master: There is nothing wrong with giving presents out of friendship. If two people have a good relationship, and the other person voluntarily gives you something, that’s not a problem.

Student: Will I lose virtue if I can’t contain myself and curse at others or myself in my mind?

Master: When you curse at yourself, who would you lose virtue to? Would you be losing virtue to yourself? But as a practitioner you can’t curse at people, since even cursing at yourself is because you became angry, and that means that you weren’t able to restrain yourself, right? We stress Ren, and you shouldn’t hit or curse at children as you please, including your own children. It is proper for you to discipline them; it’s not okay if you don’t teach your children. You have to teach them. There are different ways of teaching, but you can’t let yourself get too angry in disciplining children—how could that be allowed? You can’t get mad when disciplining children; don’t actually get mad.

Student: A five or six-year-old child practices the exercises with me, but he doesn’t know the Fa. Can he still cultivate?

Master: Just tell the child how to be a good person, like telling a story. You can just say that Teacher said such and such. I’ll tell you, some of the children here listen and understand very well. Don’t think that he doesn’t understand as much as you do.

Student: Can we cultivators still learn things from texts of Buddhism and Taoism?

Master: Absolutely not—it’s absolutely prohibited! Wouldn’t that mess everything up? Isn’t that going down a different path? You have to commit to one discipline. Of course you may say that you don’t practice Falun Dafa, and you use the principles of Falun Dafa to guide you in learning other practices. Of course, the Fa that I’m teaching can provide guidance for every kind of practice, since they all have to stress cultivation of xinxing as we do.

Student: Having studied the principles of Falun Dafa, what should our state of mind be when going about our daily lives?

Master: Whether it be the recreational activities you do or the things of ordinary people that you’re interested in, just take part in them. It won’t affect your gong. As you gradually advance in your cultivation practice, you will naturally take them lightly, since when cultivating to even higher levels, these will be attachments. But right now we can’t tell you to all of a sudden let go of everything—if you were to let go of everything, you’d become a Buddha today. Right now you aren’t able to let go of them. For humans, they have the interests of ordinary people because they have qing.

Student: When doing the exercises while listening to Falun Dafa music, I heard the rhythmic sound of a golden bell. What was it? Was it a result of the subordinate consciousness?

Master: No, it wasn’t. It was a sound from another dimension. There are many such sounds. Don’t be concerned with it.

Student: When doing the exercises, can I employ visualization? Can I use the thought of “one energy channel leading a hundred energy channels” to help enter into tranquility?

Master: There is no mind intent. We are directly cultivating at high levels, so try your best to get rid of every mind activity that pursues something. Do you want to add in something else? You will mess things up, and it’s not permitted for you to mess up our set of things. If you add something in, the Falun’s shape will be distorted. We talk about the hundred energy channels opening all at the same time; we don’t take the approach of one energy channel leading a hundred energy channels.

Student: When it comes to people of the world, the goal of their cultivation is to become Enlightened Beings and not worry about others. What kind of people are they?

Master: Buddhas can save people, but they were not created to save people. Do you think that a Buddha is obligated to save you? An Arhat completes cultivation by achieving the state in which he can free himself. If you have the wish to save all sentient beings, then you have to keep cultivating higher. Only when you have reached that level can you validate and become enlightened to the matter of saving sentient beings. We’ve talked about saving people. How do you save people? You can only talk to people and do it this way, like I do. Now, you may want to dissolve all of someone’s tribulations and raise him up, but at that time you will realize that you yourself will fall before you can raise him. It is absolutely prohibited. On the other hand, cultivation doesn’t necessarily have to concern others—all of this is an attachment.

Student: When Teacher goes abroad to lecture, do you install Faluns for foreigners?

Master: It is installed for all those who truly cultivate. Dafa is of the universe, and everyone with predestined connections from every country around the world can study and attain it.

Student: Can doctors of Chinese medicine use acupuncture to give treatments?

Master: Of course they can. That’s work among ordinary people.

Student: Do you install a Falun for anyone that takes part in the class?

Master: No. I know that among those here learning the practice, there are a few individuals who don’t believe it, and there are those who are skeptical. There are also some who think it sounds really good but who, in the end, still can’t cultivate.

Student: After the Falun is taken back by Teacher’s Law Body, if we start over following Teacher’s requirements, will a Falun be given again?

Master: You really have to be determined about it, and you will start over from the beginning just like those that haven’t learned the practice before.

Student: Some students of Falun Dafa say they can borrow your Falun to heal other students. They also say they can examine your health problems for you.

Master: That’s the result of a huge demonic thought, and everyone absolutely should not believe them! Anyone who says that is not a disciple of Falun Dafa. They’re seriously disrupting Dafa. Do you think that I’ve gotten to this point without knowing what health problems are? Those who want to “examine my health problems” would first have to be able to enter my field.

Student: How should we understand non-action?

Master: It is maintaining your xinxing and not doing things with pursuit at will. But if you see serious crimes such as murder or arson being committed, you have to take action. That’s an issue of your xinxing.

Student: When I’m practicing at a practice site, I feel as if someone is talking to me and that I’m speaking with him from my heart.

Master: I have said that cultivation isn’t easy if some gong has been unlocked, and this is exactly why. Once he hears someone talking to him or sees something, he just can’t control himself. He gets excited and starts communicating with it, but he doesn’t know whether that is a demon or not. Even if he’s not a demon, he is not an Enlightened Being of an upright practice. Even if he is from Heaven and not evil, he didn’t achieve true divine standing or else he wouldn’t interfere with cultivators of an upright practice. Think about it, when you accept his things, can you still cultivate? Have your things gotten messed up? Did you develop attachments? It’s not easy for those who have developed supernormal capabilities to handle things well, and it’s not easy for those that have unlocked gong to cultivate, and this is why. It’s really difficult! As to how many people will be able to succeed in cultivation, I’m watching, and those in Heaven are also watching.

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