Spirit Possession

        Perhaps many of you have heard something about the possession by animals, such as foxes, yellow weasels, ghosts and snakes, etc. in the world of cultivation. What is it all about? Some people say that one can develop supernormal capabilities through the practice of qigong. As a matter of fact one is not to develop supernormal capabilities, but they are none other than man's instinct. However, with the development of human society, men are more and more attached to tangible things in our physical space and are more and more dependent on modernized means. Therefore our human instinct is deteriorating, and in the end it is made to disappear completely.

        To possess supernormal capabilities, one has to cultivate them through cultivation when he is on the way to returning to the origin and going back to the truth. The animal does not have such a complex mind, so it can communicate with the fundamental qualities of the universe and is possessed of the primordial instinct. Some say that animals know how to cultivate. It is said that foxes are able to refine the elixir and snakes or some other animals are able to cultivate themselves. Actually, they are not able to cultivate. At the beginning they know nothing about the refinement except that they possess those primordial instincts. However, under particular conditions and circumstances and after a long time it may take some effect, so they can acquire the energy and even develop some supernormal capabilities.

        Thus, these animals have some abilities. In the past people would say that the animal got the supernatural energy and possessed some abilities. In the eyes of ordinary people, the animal is so formidable that it can easily control human beings. In fact, I say it is not formidable. It is nothing to a true cultivator. Even if it has cultivated for nearly a thousand years, a small finger would be more than enough to crush it. We say that the animal possesses such a primordial instinct, so it can have such abilities. However, there is a principle in this universe: An animal is not allowed to complete its achievement through cultivation. So you may find it written in an ancient book that it shall be killed every hundreds of years through a big or small calamity. The animal will have its energy increase when a certain time is reached. Then, the animal will be wiped out by a thunderbolt, etc., as it is not allowed to cultivate. Since the animal does not possess human nature, it cannot cultivate itself like a human being. As it has no human qualities, it is bound to be a demon when it has achieved success through cultivation, so it is not allowed to do so or it will be killed by heaven. The animal itself also knows this, but as I said, human society now suffers a sharp moral decline, and some people will stop at no evil. Isn't human society in danger when it is in such a state?

        However, things turn into their opposites when they reach the extreme! We find that in prehistoric periods every time when human society met destruction in different cycles, human beings were morally corrupted to the extreme. Now the space where we human beings exist and many other spaces are in impending danger. So are the other spaces in this dimension. Therefore, the animal is eager to escape. It also wants to ascend to a higher dimension, thinking that it can escape from the danger by raising its dimension. But it is easier said than done. To cultivate, it has to get a human body. How can a practitioner be possessed by a spirit? This is one of the reasons.

        Someone may wonder why none of so many great enlightened beings and highly achieved masters is concerned about it. Here is another principle of our universe: If you desire something or want something, nobody would like to interfere. We teach you how to take the right way here, and at the same time make a thorough exposition of the Law. But you still need to awake to it for yourself. It's your own business whether you want to learn it or not. It is the job of the master to introduce you to the way of cultivation, but how to cultivate yourself is entirely a business of your own. Nobody will compel or force you to cultivate. It is your own business whether you want to cultivate or not. That is to say, nobody will prevent you from taking whichever way you have chosen or whatever you want or whatever you want to gain. You can only be encouraged to do good.

        Though some people practise some qigong, what they have achieved has actually been obtained by the possessing spirits. How is it that they have incurred spirit possession? How many qigong practitioners throughout the country have got possessing spirits in their bodies? If I told you the number, which is quite considerable, many people would not dare to practise qigong. Why has such a state appeared? Those things are disastrously disrupting the society of ordinary people. How could possibly such a formidable phenomenon appear? It is human beings themselves who have given rise to it, for mankind has been degenerating, and demons are present everywhere. Especially those sham qigong masters are all possessed by evil spirits, and they impart nothing but such things when they teach qigong. In the history of mankind an animal was not allowed to possess a human body. It would be killed if it tried to. Nobody would allow it to do so. But in the present-day society, there are some people who supplicate animals for help, want them and enshrine them. Some may argue in the mind: but I don't have a clear intention of supplicating them. Though you do not supplicate them, you seek after supernormal capabilities. How can the enlightened beings of the Orthodox Law cultivation provide you with them? Seeking after them is an attachment of ordinary people, which you should let go of. Then, who will give you these capabilities? Only demons in other spaces and various animals will. Doesn't that mean that you are seeking after them? So they have come to you.

        How many people practise qigong with right thoughts? A practitioner should pay great attention to virtues, do good deeds and be kind towards others. Wherever he is or whatever he does, he should set such demands on himself. How many practitioners, whether they practise in the parks or at home, think this way? I did not know what qigong some people were practising, but I heard them saying when they were doing some movements and swaying their bodies: Ah, my daughter-in-law has never paid her filial devotion to me; my mother-in-law, how can she be so bad? Some were chattering about everything from their work units to state affairs, and there was nothing that they would not talk about. When talking about the things that didn't suit their modes of thinking, they were filled with rage. Can you call it cultivation? There was someone who was practising keeping a pile-stance. He became so exhausted that his legs began to tremble. But his mind was busy: Now things are all very expensive and prices have gone up. Our organization cannot even pay out wages. Why am I not able to develop some supernormal capabilities? If I possess some of them, I'll be a qigong master and can make a fortune. I can make money by treating diseases in others. When he saw others having developed their supernormal capabilities, he felt more anxious. So he persisted in pursuing the supernormal capabilities, the opening of the Celestial Eye and the ability to cure diseases. Let's think about it, how far away it was from Zhen Shan Ren, the fundamental qualities of our universe! It is all counter to them. To put it strongly, he was practising an evil way! But he was practising it unconsciously. The more he thought this way, the worse the intention he would give out. As the man had not found the right way, he did not know anything about the importance of virtues. He thought he could develop cultivation energy by just performing some movements and believed that he could gain what he wanted through his pursuit.

        It is just because of one's own wrong intention that he has brought on something evil. The animal can see it clearly: This chap wants to make a fortune by practising qigong; that chap wants to gain fame and supernormal capabilities. Good lord, his body is not bad and what he possesses is quite good. But his thoughts are really bad. He is seeking after supernormal capabilities! Maybe he has a master, but I don't fear him even if he has one. It knows that a master of the Orthodox Law cultivation will never give him supernormal capabilities when he sees that the man has such a desire for them. The more he seeks after them, the more definitely his master will not give them to him, because this is just an attachment that he should get rid of. The more often he has such a thought, the more definitely he will not be given these capabilities and the more he is unable to awake to it. The more he desires, the worse the intention he will possess. In the end, seeing that the man is finished, the master heaves a sigh and leaves him alone. A practitioner may have no master, but a master who happens to pass by takes some care of him, since there are many enlightened beings in different spaces. Catching sight of the man, the enlightened being takes a look at him and follows him for a day. Finding him not worthy of help, the enlightened being goes away. Another enlightened being may come to him the next day and will also go away when finding him not worthy of help.

        The animal knows that, whether the man has a master or a passing-by master, he will not be given what he pursues. Being unable to see the spaces where the enlightened beings stay, the animal does not fear. It has availed itself of a loophole. There is a principle in our universe: What he himself seeks after, or what he wants, other people usually do not interfere in. The animal has exploited such an advantage: Since he wants supernormal capabilities, I'll give them to him. Isn't it wrong for me to help him? So it gives him the capabilities. At the beginning, it dares not get on his body, so it first gives him some energy to have a try. One day the man suddenly finds himself possessed of the energy he seeks after and is able to cure diseases. Finding that it really works, the animal uses it as a prelude to a piece of music: Since he is willing to take it, I'll get on his body. Then, I can give him more and directly. Don't you want the Celestial Eye? Now I'll give you everything. So it comes to possess him.

        His intention is seeking after these things when his Celestial Eye opens. He can also deliver some energy and use some minor capabilities. He is overjoyed with himself, thinking that he has at last gained what he pursued through practice. In fact, he has achieved nothing from his practice. He feels that he can see through into a human body and find out the disorder in one's body. As a matter of fact, his Celestial Eye is not open at all. It is the animal that controls his brain. The animal conveys what it sees with its own eyes to his brain, which makes him believe that his Celestial Eye is open. He can deliver the energy at will. The moment he stretches out his hand to deliver the energy, the animal also stretches out its paw from behind his body. When he releases the energy, the small snake head will put out its forked tongue and lick the affected part or the place where one has a swelling. Such a case happens to a lot of people. It is these guys themselves who have invited the possessing spirits.

        With such a desire, the man wants to get rich and become famous. Well, now he possesses supernormal capabilities and is able to cure diseases. He can also see with his Celestial Eye. He is quite happy about it. Seeing this, the animal would think to itself, "You want to get rich? Well, I'll let you get rich." It's really an easy task to control an ordinary person's mind. It can make a lot of people come to him for treatment, having them come in great numbers. Good lord, he is treating the disease here, while it incites the journalists to give publicity to him in the newspapers there. It controls ordinary people and makes them do these things. If a person who has come to the man for treatment does not pay enough money, it will make his head ache so that he will pay more money. Thus, the man has gained both fame and wealth. As he has made a fortune and attained fame, he acts as a qigong master now. Such a man usually pays no attention to Xinxing and dares to say anything. Heaven is number one and he is number two. He has the audacity to say that he is the Lady Queen Mother or the Jade Emperor who has descended into the world. He is even bold enough to say that he is the Buddha himself. As he has not gone through the real cultivation of Xinxing, he pursues the supernormal capabilities during practice. As a result, he has brought on animal spirit possession.

        Some think: What's so bad about it? Anyway, it's all right if I can earn money and make a fortune. Besides, I can also become famous. Quite a lot of people think this way. I tell you that the animal actually harbours an intention. It won't give you anything without cause or reason. There is a principle in this universe: He who loses nothing will gain nothing. What does it gain? Didn't I talk about the issue just now? It wants to get that little bit of essence of your body so that it can cultivate into a human figure. So it tries to take the human essence from the human body. But there's only this one fraction of essence in the human body and one has to rely on it to cultivate himself. If you let the animal get it, there's no hope for you to cultivate. How can you cultivate in this way? With nothing left, you can never cultivate yourself. Some may say: "I don't want to cultivate. I just want to make a fortune. It's all right if I can get money. Why bother with other things?" I'd like to tell you, you want to make a fortune, but I'm sure that you will not think so when I tell you the reason. Why? If it leaves your body early, you'll feel weak in your limbs. From then on, you'll always be in such a state during the rest of your life, because too much of your essence has been taken away by it. If it leaves your body late, you'll be a vegetable, lying in bed with only a breath left in you for the rest of your life. Though you are rich, are you able to spend your money? Though you are famous, can you enjoy your fame? Isn't it a terrible thing?

        Such a case happens especially to the practitioners of today and it occurs very frequently. The animal not only possesses the body of a person but also kills his Yuanshen ( the True Spirit). It gets into the person's Niwan Palace and squats there. The person appears to be a human, but in fact he is not. Such cases occur even now. Because of the change in the moral standards of mankind, one will not be convinced that he is doing evil when you tell him so. He thinks it is only right and reasonable to earn money, to seek money, and to make a fortune. Therefore, he will hurt others and do harm to others. In order to earn money, he will stop at no evil and dares to do anything. If the animal does not lose, it will not gain. How can it give you something for nothing? It wants to take something out of your body. Of course, as we said, it is because of their wrong mentality and wrong intention that people have brought on such trouble.

        Now let's come to Falun Dafa. If you cultivate our cultivation way, you won't go wrong on the condition that you have good control of your Xinxing, as one righteousness subdues all evils. If you cannot control your Xinxing, you are bound to incur trouble for yourself when you pursue this or that. Some people can never give up what they practised in the past. We teach being constant in a single cultivation system. True cultivation is to be constant in only one way. Some Qigong masters have written some books, but I tell you that there are such things as snakes, foxes, and yellow weasels in their books, which are the same as what they have practised. When you read those books, these things will jump out of the words. I have said that sham qigong masters outnumber true ones many times over. You are not able to distinguish them. Therefore, you must keep good control of yourself. I don't mean here that you must cultivate Falun Dafa. You can cultivate whatever system you like. But there was a saying in the past: One should not practise heterodoxy even for a day even if he is unable to obtain the Orthodox Law in a thousand years. Therefore, you must keep good control of yourself and really cultivate the Orthodox Law. Don't mix anything else into what you cultivate. You even cannot add your intention to it. Some practitioners' Falun have become deformed. Why have they become deformed? They will say that they haven't practised any other systems. But when they begin to practise, they add what they practised in the past to their cultivation through their intentions. Thus, they have brought other things into what they cultivate. So much for the problem of spirit possession.

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