Transcending the Five Elements and the Three Realms
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        What does "Transcending the Five Elements and the Three Realms" mean? This is a sharp question to answer. In the past, many qigong masters were choked off by those who did not believe in qigong when they were talking about the matter: "Which one of you practitioners has transcended the Five Elements and is not in the Three Realms?" Some of them were not qigong masters. They just claimed that they themselves were qigong masters. They should not have talked about the matter since they were unable to make it clear, but they were bold enough to talk about it. As a result, they were gagged by the listeners. It has caused a great loss and confusion to the world of cultivation. Some people have used this as a pretext to attack qigong. To transcend the Five Elements and the Three Realms is a saying prevalent in the world of cultivation. It comes from the religion. It is a product of the religion. Therefore, we cannot talk about the matter by ignoring this historical background and the environment of that time.

        What does "Transcending the Five Elements" mean? Both the ancient physics and the contemporary physics of China hold that the Chinese Theory of Five Elements is right. It is true that the Five Elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth constitute myriads of things in the universe. Therefore, we often look at this concept of Five Elements. To put it in modern language, Transcending the Five Elements means going beyond this physical world, which sounds like a fantastic story. Just think about such a matter, a qigong master is possessed of energy. I have been tested for my energy. So have many other qigong masters. The material composition of this energy can be measured by means of many apparatus available; that is, if there is such an apparatus, the composition of energy a qigong master releases can be determined. The apparatus available can determine infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, ultrasonic waves, infrasonic sounds, electricity, the magnetic force, rays, atoms and neutrons. A qigong master possesses all these substances. Some substances released by some qigong masters cannot be determined, because there is no such apparatus to measure them. As long as there are such apparatus, all of them can be determined and you will find that the substances released by qigong masters are extremely rich in variety.

        With the effect of a special magnetic field, a qigong master can release a powerful and very beautiful aura. The greater one's energy potency, the larger the energy field he has released. An ordinary person also has an aura, but it is very, very small. In the study of high-energy physics people believe that energy is nothing but the substances like neutrons or atoms. Many qigong masters have been tested. All the famous qigong masters have taken such a test. I was also tested. The measuring apparatus showed that the amount of rays and thermal neutrons I had released was 80-170 times greater than that of the radiation of normal substances. However, this was the result when the pointer on the apparatus had reached its limit. As the pointer had moved to its maximum, we did not know how great it might really be. It is really inconceivable that one can produce such powerful neutrons. How can man release such powerful neutrons? It has proved that we qigong masters are possessed of Gong or energy, which has been verified in the world of science and technology.

        To transcend the Five Elements, one has to practise the cultivation system for the integrated cultivation of both nature and life. By practising the cultivation system which is not for cultivation of both nature and life, one can only develop the cultivation energy which marks his level of attainment. The practitioner of the cultivation system which cannot be used to cultivate life does not care about this, because he does not take the way of transcending the Five Elements. As for the practitioner of the cultivation system for cultivation of both nature and life, his energy is stored up in all cells of his body. The energy released by an ordinary practitioner or a person who has just begun to increase his Gong is composed of thick grains which are not very close to one another, so it has little power. When one is at a much higher level, it is possible that the density of his energy will be a hundred, a thousand, or a hundred million times greater than that of ordinary water molecules, because the higher one's dimension, the greater is the density of his energy, which is composed of smaller grains, and the more powerful is his might. In such a case, the energy is stored up in each cell of one's body, not only in the body in this physical space of ours, but also in all his bodies in other spaces. Thus, one's cells, from the plane of molecules, atoms, protons, electrons to that of the smallest particles are all filled with this energy. With the lapse of time, one's body will be completely filled with this high-energy matter.

        This high-energy matter possesses intelligence and has some abilities. When it has increased in amount, become dense and filled all the cells of the human body, it can check the physical cells which are most incompetent. Once checked, the cells will undergo no metabolism and finally they will be completely replaced by the high-energy matter. Of course, it is easy for me to say it, but it will be a long process for you to cultivate it. When you reach this dimension in cultivation, all cells of your body will be replaced by this high-energy matter. Think about it, is your body still composed of the Five Elements, the substances of this physical space of ours? It is composed of the high-energy matter collected from other spaces. The substance, De (virtues), is also the matter existing in another space and is free from the control of the time field of our physical space.

        Contemporary science holds that time possesses a field and anything beyond the time field is not restricted by time. The concept of spacetime in other spaces is different from that in ours. Can it affect the matter from another space? Not at all. Think about it, haven't you freed yourself from the bonds of the Five Elements at this time? Is your body still like that of an ordinary person? No, absolutely not. However, an ordinary person cannot tell the difference. Even if one has had such a great change in his body, you cannot say that he has come to the end of his cultivation. He has to go on cultivating himself to reach a still higher dimension. Therefore, he must cultivate among ordinary people, as it won't do him any good if people can not see him.

        What will happen to him later? In the process of his cultivation, all his molecular cells will have been replaced by high-energy matter, but atoms have their order of arrangement, and the order of molecular or nuclear arrangement has not changed. The molecular arrangement order of a cell is in such a state that it feels soft. The molecular arrangement order of a bone is in such a great density that it feels hard. The molecular density of blood is so small that it is a liquid. Ordinary people cannot see the change from his outward appearance, because his molecular cells still keep their original structure and arrangement order. Though the molecular structure of a cell remains unchanged, the energy in it has changed. So man will not grow naturally old or weakened from then on. Since his cells do not die out, he will remain young forever. In the process of cultivation, one will look young, and in the end he will have a fixed appearance.

        Of course, when knocked down by a car, such a body may also fracture, and it may also bleed when cut with a knife, because its molecular arrangement order has not changed though it will not die out or become old naturally and no metabolism will take place in it. This is what we call "freeing oneself from the bonds of the Five Elements". There is nothing superstitious in it. It can be explained scientifically. Some people are unable to explain it clearly. When they give careless remarks, people would say that they are propagating superstitions, as the saying comes from religion, not from the contemporary qigong.

        What does "Transcending the Three Realms" mean? I said the other day that the key to the increase of cultivation energy lies in the cultivation of one's Xinxing. When you are assimilated to the cosmic qualities, they will no longer restrict you. With the improvement of your Xinxing, the substance, De (virtues), will evolve into cultivation energy, which will grow up and rise incessantly. When this energy has risen to a high dimension, it will form an energy column (). The higher the energy column, the greater your energy potency is. There is such a saying: The great Law is boundless. It all depends on your heart to cultivate it. Which dimension you can reach all depends on your forbearance and the ability to bear hardships. When you have used up your own white substance, you can transform your black substance into the white substance by going through hardships. If you still find your black substance is not enough, you can bear the sins for your relatives and good friends who do not cultivate. By doing so, you can also increase your cultivation energy. This, however, can only be done by a cultivator who is already in an extremely high dimension. An ordinary cultivator should not have the idea of bearing sins for his relatives. With such great karma a common cultivator will find it impossible to attain perfection. What I talk about here are the different principles for different dimensions.

        The Three Realms mentioned in the religion refer to nine heavens or thirty-three heavens. In other words, Heaven, Earth and the Under-world form the Three Realms. It says that all living things within the thirty-three heavens must go through the Sixfold Path of Transmigration, which means that a human being in this incarnation may become an animal in a next incarnation. So Buddhism says that one should waste no time in this life. When will you cultivate if you do not cultivate yourself now? For animals are not allowed to cultivate or listen to the Law. Even if they have cultivated, they will not complete the right achievement. If they possess high energy, they will be killed by heaven. You are not able to get a human body in hundreds of years. When you have obtained one in more than a thousand years, you do not value it. Should you be reincarnated as a stone, you would not get out of it even in ten thousand years. You will never get out of it unless the stone is smashed to pieces or is weathered away. How hard it is to get a human body! A person who can really obtain the great Law is very fortunate indeed. Here we have talked about the truth that a human body is hard to get.

        For practitioners, there is the issue of cultivation levels. Which level you will reach all depends on your cultivation. If you want to transcend the Three Realms, keep on cultivating yourself. When your energy column becomes very, very high, haven't you gone beyond them? In cross-legged sitting some people may go up very high in no time when their True Spirits leave their bodies. One of my students told me in his experience report how many heavens he had visited and what scenes he had perceived. I told him to go higher. He said that he could not and did not dare to. He was not able to ascend any more. Why? Because his energy column was just that high. He had ascended by sitting on his energy column. This is the achievement status as it is called in Buddhism. He had reached that achievement status. However, for a cultivator, it is not the highest status. He is still going up, sublimating and improving himself continuously. Haven't you transcended the Three Realms when your energy column has broken through the bounds of the Three Realms. We have found through a measurement that the Three Realms mentioned in the religion only lie within the limits of the nine major planets. Some say that there are ten major planets. I would like to say it is not true at all. I found that the energy columns of some qigong masters in previous years had broken through the bounds of the Milky Way galaxy. They were in such a high dimension that they had gone beyond the Three Realms long before. The transcendence of the Three Realms I just talked about is in fact a matter of attainment levels.

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