Melt Into the Fa

At present, more and more people are becoming Dafa students, and there is a trend wherein newcomers have a better perceptual understanding. With no obstacles from the ultra-leftist thinking that existed earlier in society, and without needing a process to accept it conceptually, they do not need to spend a great amount of time on discussion during group study of the Fa. So they should spend a great amount of time studying the Fa to elevate themselves as quickly as possible. The more your mind holds, the faster the change.

I once talked about what a good person is and what a bad person is. It is not that one who appears to have committed a bad deed is a bad person and one who has done something good is a good person. Some people’s minds are full of bad thoughts—it is just that they have not shown them or have slyly concealed them relatively well; yet these are truly bad people. Some people, on the other hand, are not bad to begin with but occasionally commit wrong deeds; these people are not necessarily bad people. Then how should we understand good people and bad people?

A person is like a container, and he is whatever he contains. All of what a person sees with the eyes and hears with the ears are: violence, lust, power struggles in literary works, struggles for profit in the practical world, money worship, other manifestations of demon-nature, and so on. With his head filled with these, this kind of person is truly a bad person, no matter what he appears to be. A person’s behavior is dictated by his thoughts. With a mind full of such things, what’s a person able to do? It is only because everyone’s mind is more or less contaminated to some extent that people cannot detect the problem that has surfaced. Incorrect social trends that are reflected in every aspect of society are imperceptibly changing people, poisoning mankind, and creating a large number of what people call “anti-tradition,” “anti-upright,” and “anti-moral” human beings with demon-nature. This is what’s truly worrisome! Even though society’s economy has made progress, it will be ruined in these people’s hands since they do not have human ways of thinking.

On the other hand, if a person accepts the kind, traditional thoughts of mankind that have prevailed for thousands of years, believes in proper human behavior and standards, and is filled with all good things, what will this person’s conduct be like? Whether or not this person shows it, he is genuinely a good person.

As a student, if his mind is filled with nothing but Dafa, this person is definitely a genuine cultivator. So you must have a clear understanding on the matter of studying the Fa. Reading the books more and studying the books more is the key to truly elevating yourself. To put it more simply, as long as you read Dafa, you are changing; as long as you read Dafa, you are elevating. The boundless content of Dafa plus the supplementary means—the exercises—will enable you to reach Consummation. Group reading or reading by yourself is the same. 

The ancients have a saying, “Having heard the Dao in the morning, one can die in the evening.” No one among mankind today can really understand its meaning. Did you know that when a person’s mind accepts the Fa, that part of his mind that accepts the Fa is assimilated to the Fa? Where will that part go upon the death of that person who has heard the Fa? The reason I ask you to study the Fa more, eliminate more of your attachments, and let go of various human notions, is to allow you to not just take a portion away with you, but to reach Consummation.

Li Hongzhi

August 3, 1998