Huge Exposure 

A large number of students have now achieved or are about to achieve Consummation. How solemn it is for a human being to achieve Consummation! Nothing in this world could be more wonderful, glorious, or magnificent. That being the case, strict requirements must be applied to every cultivator in the course of cultivation. Moreover, elevating to each higher level is accomplished by solidly reaching their standards. In terms of the overall situation, disciples in Dafa cultivation are qualified, but there are also some people who are fumbling along with various attachments that they haven’t let go of. Superficially, they too say that Dafa is good, but in reality they do not practice cultivation. This is especially so when the general climate is one where everyone says Dafa is good, as everyone—from the upper classes of society to the common people—speaks highly of it. Some governments also say good things about it that are echoed by the public. Who are the sincere ones, then? Who are merely echoing others’ voices? Who sings its praises while actually undermining it? If we change the situation in human society and reverse the general climate, then let’s see who still says that Dafa is good and who changes his mind. This way, won’t everything suddenly become crystal clear? 

From the incident with the Guangming Daily until now, each Dafa disciple has played a role: some were determined to steadfastly cultivate; some wrote without reservation to the authorities for the sake of Dafa’s reputation; some spoke out against the injustice done by the irresponsible report. But there are also some who have not cultivated their inner selves amidst difficult situations, but have engaged in divisive activities, making the current situation more complicated. Some even stopped cultivating, fearing that their own reputations and self-interest would be harmed. Still others circulated rumors without any concern for Dafa’s stability, worsening factors that undermine the Fa. There were also a number of key contact persons in different regions who analyzed Dafa’s situation with the unhealthy habit of observing social trends, a habit developed over years of political struggle. By relating isolated problems that arose in different regions, they concluded that some sorts of social trends were unfolding and so they intentionally communicated this to students. Although there were various reasons for this, could anything damage the Fa more seriously? Even worse, some people stirred up trouble by creating rumors with their demon-nature, as though the situation were not chaotic enough.

Dafa is of the universe and penetrates all the way down to human society. When a Fa of this magnitude is taught, how could anything be outside the arrangement? Isn’t what has happened a test for Dafa disciples’ xinxing? What is cultivation? When you say it’s good, I say it’s good, and everyone says it’s good, how can you see a person’s heart? Only at the critical moment can we see his heart. If he doesn’t let go of certain attachments he might even dare to betray a Buddha—could this be a minor problem? Some people were scared. But what were you afraid of? My disciples! Didn’t you hear me say that when a person succeeded in cultivating Arhatship, he stumbled because he developed fear in his heart? Every human attachment must be removed, no matter what it is. Some disciples said: “What’s there to fear? My body would still sit there even with my head cut off.” When you compare them it’s clear at a glance how well they cultivate. Of course, some key contact persons are concerned for the safety of Dafa, and that is another story. 

We just want to make those disciples who aren’t practicing cultivation diligently see their own shortcomings, make those who are stumbling along surface, expose those who undermine the Fa in a disguised way, and enable those who are genuine disciples to reach Consummation.

Li Hongzhi

August 28, 1996