Using at Will

I have never liked grammar and words standardized by the modern Chinese language, which have their meanings shallowed. This is why I often don’t use standardized grammar and words when I teach the Fa! Some people do not understand this. The truth is, words whose meanings have been altered by modern people already have modern people’s notions infused into them. Words that contain elements of atheism and politics, in particular, are impossible to use when teaching the Fa. To allow students to understand, I am doing what I can to use the grammar and words of the modern Chinese language.

How could the Fa of the cosmos be standardized by human culture? As long as I can explain the principles of the Fa clearly, I undo the binds of human culture, break those rules and constraints, and use the language at will. In order to express the Dafa clearly, I employ language as I wish. For example, sometimes my sentences are very long, and I repeat words to emphasize and deepen the meaning of the sentences. Even so, it is very difficult to use human language to express the high-level, profound principles of the Fa. As far as words go, I basically use them at will. For example, I often write "degree" () as "degree of achievement" (), as I feel that this word should be used to express the extent to which something is accomplished. I like to write "truth of the matter" () as "true situation" (), as I feel that this word should be used to express the way things truly are; I like to write "absolute" () as "resolute" (), as I feel that this word has more weight; I use "immense" () instead of "vast" (), as it is more appropriate for describing the Great Fa of the cosmos, and so on and so forth. I also don’t like to standardize sentences by using simple punctuation marks. When I write, I often use commas straight to the end. I only care about the inner meaning of the Fa, and when it comes to humans’ standardization, I have no sense of obligation. Human culture is given to humans by Gods, but the modern Chinese language has been altered by modern humans’ warped thinking, with its denunciation of theism and with its political concepts. The Fa will bring to humankind everything new and righteous, and it will not be affected by anything that is old, crooked, or warped. I graduated from high school, and the purpose of my not going to college was to prevent all kinds of concepts, theorems, definitions, scientific laws, human theories, and various standardized things from forming in my mind. These human things absolutely cannot be mixed into the Great Fa of the cosmos when it is taught, as this would cause the Fa to be interfered with by human notions.

Dafa is the Fa of the cosmos, and Dafa has created all beings in the cosmos. Dafa has established living environments and standards for the beings at different levels of the cosmos, and it has created for the beings at different levels different forms of wisdom, including the culture of humankind. The purpose of spreading Dafa far and wide is to rectify the Fa in the cosmos, and, at the same time, to have Dafa’s disciples in the human world reach Consummation. Dafa is also creating a new humankind, and will likewise bring to humankind a new culture.

Li Hongzhi
June 28, 2000