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The Grand Verses







(English Translation Version A)


Li Hongzhi




Table of Contents

Tempering the Will

To consummate yourself, reaping Buddhahood,
Let joy be found in hardship.
Physical pains count little as suffering,
Indeed, cultivating mind is hardest.
Each and every barrier must be broken through,
And everywhere does evil lurk.
Abundant troubles rain down together,
All to see: Can you pull through?
The world's miseries endured,
One departs the earth a Buddha.

December 17, 1976

An Upright Person

He who acts for his name
     a life of anger and hate is his
He who acts for profit
     cold is he, knowing not his kin
He who acts for emotion
     many are the troubles he brings himself
     fighting away,
          he makes karma all his life.

Not seeking a name
     life is carefree and content
Not set on profit
     one is known as humane and righteous
Not stirred by emotion
     the mind is quiet, desires few
     cultivating himself,
          he builds up virtue all his years.

July 13, 1986


The Awakened

Ordinary people know me not,
I sit amidst Mystery;
Where there is profit and desire,
     there I am not,
After others pass away,
     only I remain.

February 2, 1987

Note: This was written before I spread the Fa and at a time when I cultivated in solitude.


Who Dares Renounce Human Attachments?

While the ordinary man might
     long for Immortaldom,[1]
Behind the unbelievable wonders
     lies wrenching sorrow;
It takes cultivating the mind,
     severing desires,
     casting off attachments,
Lest man be lost in his ordeals
     and gripped with deep regret.

August 9, 1988

[1]"Immortaldom" (shenxian) is a common idea in Chinese culture, somewhat similar to Saintdom in the West, whereby a being is endowed, by virtue of his or her spiritual achievement, with magical, supernatural powers and an enduring bliss.

My Hope

Heaven and Earth, so vast, look small to my eye,
For who created the limitless Firmament?
Beyond the Cosmos 'tis yet more boundless,
To fulfill my grand hope I spread the Great Way.

January 1, 1990


Nothing Kept

In life, nothing sought,
In death, regretting naught;
Washing away all wrong thought,
Buddhahood, with less
     adversity, is wrought.

October 20, 1991

Falun Dafa

Cultivating gong has a path
     mind is the way
On the boundless sea of Dafa
     hardship is your ferry

July 24, 1992


One With the Fa

Broadly shines a Buddha's light,
Justly setting all things right.
Advance together, ever diligent,
To a glorious future.

December 27, 1992

Riding the True Fa Vessel

Alas, uncertainty...
     Alas, confusion...

January 17, 1993


The Three Religions[2] stress cultivating with non-action,
But at first improper intention 'tis with-action;
A focus on charitable works is still action,
Remove all attachments for true non-action.

January 17, 1993

[2]"Three Religions" is a term for Chinese Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism.

Studying Dafa

Innate base is cultivation's foundation,
From righteous understanding stems
     a superior man's wisdom.
Cherish Zhen Shan Ren,
     keep the Way in heart,
And Falun Dafa can bring Consummation.

February 18, 1993

Clear Harmony

With Zhen Shan Ren nestled in the heart,
Cultivating oneself, in turn, betters a society.
With Dafa never off the mind,
Surely you will transcend others in time.

February 28, 1994

Seeking the Righteous Fa

Supernatural skills are but petty means,
The Great Fa must be the basis of everything.

April 2, 1994


Gaining the Fa

Cultivate Dafa with all your heart,
Nothing could be more important.
Become one with Dafa,
And Consummation is, in time, certain.

July 7, 1994


Clearer is the Awakened One's mind,
The Fa gained, he travels the secular world,
Long, drawn-out millennia have now passed,
When the predestined time arrives,
     the Fa will be fulfilled.

August 27, 1994


Fulfilling the Vow

With shared purpose did you come to the earth,
And in gaining the Fa you took the lead.
One day shall you ascend to the heavens,
Then free, unfettered,
     with the immeasurable power of Fa.

August 27, 1994


Assisting the Fa

You resolved to save sentient beings,
And assist Master as he
     journeys this human world;
Come now, and help me turn the Falun,
When the Fa is fulfilled,
     Heaven and Earth will be yours to travel.

August 28, 1994


Cause and Effect[3]

'Tis not that the journey of cultivation is painful,
Karma from generation upon generation is blocking you.
Steel your will,
     eliminate karma,
     cultivate xinxing,
And become a Buddha who keeps forever the human body.

September 15, 1994

[3] The term used in the Chinese text here, yinguo, has the sense of preordained fate, or causality, stemming from conduct at an earlier time or in a previous life.


Cultivating Amidst the Delusion

Ordinary people do not understand the pain of cultivation,
Happiness to them is vying and competing;
Cultivate, my disciples, 'til no single omission is found,
And with the passing of all adversity,
     will come the sweetness of true joy.

September 15, 1994


Solid Cultivation

Study the Fa and gain the Fa,
Focus on how you study and cultivate,
Let each and every thing
     be measured against the Fa.
Only then, with that,
     is it actually cultivation.

October 7, 1994


Perfect Harmony in Buddha Fa

Far and wide do I spread the Dafa,
Saving people, beyond the Five Elements they go.
Those who persevere at cultivation,
Will transcend the Three Realms upon Consummation.

October 15, 1994


Salvation Again

Unceasingly turns the Law Wheel, saving sentient beings,
Learn the Fa, gain the Fa, cultivate your xinxing;
For in the Age of Fa's End the Wheel turns again,
Illuminating with Fa, the hearts of the predestined.

December 27, 1994


Real Cultivation

Cherish Zhen, Shan, Ren,
And in Falun Dafa shall you succeed;
Cultivate your xinxing without
     a moment's pause,
To taste the wonder,
     so immeasurable, at Consummation.

December 27, 1994


Assimilation and Consummation

From the Cosmos so boundless and vast,
Radiated an arc of golden light.
Unto the world descended an Awakened One,
And Heaven and Earth did align.
Bright does the whole universe glow,
Melding into the light of Fa.
With Consummation, in flight you will ascend,
Together returning to Paradise.

December 31, 1994


Dafa Breaks the Illusion

All the affairs, countless, over long, drawn-out years
     pass like a wisp of smoke.
And though they leave the common man confused,
For what were the vast heavens and earth created?
'Tis baffling, this question, to the sentient beings.

January 27, 1995


Breaking Free of the Three Realms

He who regards not
     ordinary sorrows and joys
A cultivator is he

He who has not attachment
     to worldly loss and gain
An Arhat is he

In May, 1995


Visiting the Hanging Monastery[4]

In the middle of a thousand-foot cliff,
     there it hangs, a monastery,
Spreading Dafa far and wide,
     leaves little time for leisure;
In this life, I visit again
     the ancient monastery on a precipice,
One day, the Fa mended,
     to every monastery it shall spread.

June 11, 1995

[4]The Hanging Monastery (Xuan Kong Si), or more literally, "The Temple Suspended in Void," is located in Shanxi Province and was built on the sheer precipice of one of the Heng Mountains. The structure was built some 1,400 years ago and consists of over 40 buildings as well as caves.


Visiting North Mount Heng[5]

Where is the Dao in these timeless
     mountains and cloud-shrouded peaks?
Ages has the ancient monastery stood,
     yet now to it tourists flock;
Oblivious to the beauty of mystery,
     the ordinary people,
For vile profits
     exploit the ancient monastery.

June 11, 1995

[5]North Mount Heng, meaning "Everlasting Mountain," is located in Shanxi Province. It is one of the five "sacred mountains" of China, all of which boast rich historical and spiritual legacies.


Made Clear

A Buddha came to walk the earth,
But too lost was the ordinary man to wake;
Malevolent ones even did Him harm,
Making Good and Evil ever so clear.

July 26, 1995


Visiting Nanhua Temple[6]

So hard is serenity to find
     here, in Buddhism's "pure land,"
Sinister things and evil thoughts
     thrive in this troubled time;
The more repute a place enjoys,
     the more do fiends abound,
Amidst the din and throng of selling,
     firecrackers even sound.

August 15, 1995

[6]Nanhua (or "Southern China") Temple is located in Guangdong Province, and was home to the Sixth Zen Patriarch, Hui Neng. The temple is over 1,500 years old.



Though the Dafa spreads near and far
How many people can gain the Way?
With petty worldly matters, so many, weighing down
You'd do well to cultivate in that hard-earned leisure time
Then, one day, when the mist and smoke have all passed
Will you discover: 'twas the True Dao you did gain

October 6, 1995


Observing Quietly

In the leisure of serene cultivation,
     those Immortals I observe,
Each through the ages
     did show his special powers;
Today the world is different,
     ghastly is the change in man's heart,
No longer do the many gods save,
     as they wait for the calamity to end.

October 16, 1995



Infinitely distant is Heaven's vault,
But with just one thought
     'tis right before the eye;
Immeasurably huge is the Cosmos,
Falun turns between
     Heaven and Earth.

November 9, 1995


In Command of Heaven and Earth

So huge is the sky
     there lies even more of it beyond,
Each with a sun and moon,
     layers upon layers, they fill the Firmament;
So broad is the earth
     it has both sky and ground,
Each breeding all things,
     in turn, they populate the whole Cosmos.

November 10, 1995


The Difference Between Mortal and Divine

What is a human?
     Full is he of emotion and desire.
What is a God?
     Human thoughts are nowhere found.
What is a Buddha?
     Benevolent virtue is amply endowed.
What is a Dao?
     A realized being, serene and clear.

November 10, 1995


Between Human And Phantom

Foxes, weasels, ghosts, snakes---
     bringing chaos to the world,
Fouling up the air, making a mess,
     with their shamanic dance;
Lacking a teacher, lacking cultivation,
     they still call themselves masters,
Two decades has it been like this,
     such folly and madness.

November 11, 1995


Cold and Alone Up High

Handling human affairs of every sort,
Burdened with all of heaven's troubles.
To whom can I turn to exchange a few words?
In higher places it is only colder.

November 11, 1995


The Awakened One

Every form of travail has he weathered,
Countless the fiends trampled under his feet;
His palm erected, the whole Cosmos shakes,
A grand Buddha stands between Heaven and Earth.

November 12, 1995


Human Work and Buddha Cultivation

Some 2,500 years, the Buddhist precepts
     have been bequeathed,
Name and gain, they tell, first must go,
     then the grueling cultivation begins;
Alas, the monks of our day take salaries,
And workplace dress is even provided.

December 25, 1995


After the Catastrophe

In realms ultra-finite, ultra-vast,
     all declined matter is subdued,
Stretching the Ten Directions, tiny to vast,
     the Firmament meets the eye;
The heavens clear,
     the cosmic body transparent,
          the universe rectified,
With the ultimate catastrophe now past,
     lucent is the whole Cosmos.

January 2, 1996



Multitudinous are the lives that fill the Firmament,
Layer upon layer, each with its Heaven and Earth.
So incredible and wonderful the spectacle,
But the common man is too lost, caught in delusion.

How easy to say, it is, yet so hard to really see,
For cultivation is like climbing steps.
Only up high does the mist of delusion clear,
There the magnificent sight appears---

January 3, 1996


Demonic Shift

So great the shifts in celestial phenomena,
The common man now lacks good thoughts.
His mind, absent control,
     gives way to the demonic,
Disasters follow, natural and man-made,
     sorrowful anguish.
Everyone sees one another as enemy,
Everything proves short of expectation.
Could the common man know why?
Only a cultivator can unlock the puzzle.

January 4, 1996


Abiding in the Dao

Present, but the heart elsewhere---
     Perfectly reconciled with the world.
Looking, but caring not to see---
     Free of delusion and doubt.
Listening, but caring not to hear---
     A mind so hard to disturb.
Eating, but caring not to taste---
     The palate's attachments severed.
Doing, but without pursuit---
     So constant, abiding in the Dao.
Calm, but without strain of thought---
     The truly wondrous can be seen.

January 4, 1996


Benevolent Might

Dafa is what you carry everywhere,
Zhen Shan Ren, rooted in the mind;
A great Arhat walks the earth,
Gods and demons fear with awe.

January 6, 1996


Lord of Buddhas

Who could fathom the measure of Heaven and Earth?
Yet the Milky Way lies beneath his feet.
Who could grasp the reach of the Cosmos?
Yet the turning Wheel is right in his palm.

January 6, 1996


Falun World

Words cannot describe its beauty and wonder,
Its every hue and color, so glorious, dazzle the eye;
Fortune and longevity fill this Buddhist Holy Land,
At a higher place sits the Falun World.

January 23, 1996


Destined Return for the Holy Fruition

Oh how many the years, looking for the master,
Finally the day has arrived to meet him.
Cultivate and return, the Fa now gained,
And follow your master to return, consummated.

January 23, 1996


A Tour of Mount Xiangtang Temple[7]

Sun and moon circle in turn,
Cosmos is the wheel that turns,
So easily, another two hundred years gone by,
Nothing remains of the old Xiangtang.

March 6, 1996

[7]Mount Xiangtang Temple is located in Hebei Province.


Climbing Mount Tai[8]

I climb the steep steps, stretching miles ahead,
Winding upward and steep, this road,
     even to set off is hard;
Glancing back, 'tis just like cultivating Righteous Fa,
Pausing half way makes salvation hard.

So steel the will, and lift thy leaden leg,
Endure the pain, diligent, and cast off attachments;
Dafa disciples, the tens of millions---
A place still higher awaits you at Consummation.

April 15, 1996

[8]Mount Tai is located in central Shandong Province. For centuries it has been a vitally important part of Chinese culture, and was the site of official rites performed by past emperors.


Success at Consummation

Fame, gain, emotion---cultivate each away,
And ascend to the Firmament at Consummation,
See the human world with eyes of compassion,
Then are you freed from the spell of delusion.

April 21, 1996



Peerless was the Immortal Zhang Sanfeng,[9]
Traveling all domains, his Great Dao was unmatched,
Later generations, for fame, bungled the boxing art,
Altering my Tai-chi, sullying my name.

July 1, 1996

[9]Zhang Sanfeng is a well-known Daoist figure who is said to have created Tai-chi chuan.


Suffering to Save

Steering the Fa Vessel before disaster descends,
Millions upon millions
     the hardships and perils, blocking my path,
Carrying the Cosmos, boat broken and torn,
At last! I pull into shore---
     a dream of ten thousand years.

September 23, 1996



Yin and Yang turned upside down,
The minds of men have shifted,
Ghosts and beasts are all about,
How far man has strayed from the Dao.

September 26, 1996


Salvation Far and Wide

Lay down your human, mundane mind,
The Fa gained, you now stand divine,
Break free, and depart, these Three Realms,
And ascend to Heaven with a Buddha Body.

October 16, 1996


Clarity of Mind

I spread the Fa, your Master, for salvation of all,
The earth's four corners I pilgrimage,
     the Fa Vessel I board,
In a world full of sin and venom I transmit Dafa,
Turning the Falun, the Cosmos is set right.

October 16, 1996, in Atlanta


Composure Amidst Calamity

Transmitting the True Fa,
Proves harder than just hard.
Many are the demons who impede,
Risks piled atop risks.

December 22, 1996


Age of Fa's End

Man is no longer humane,
Gods, no longer godly,
The human realm is void of Dao,
Where are right thoughts found?

December 22, 1996


Casting off Attachments

Delusion blinds the world's people,
Each attached to fame and gain,
But honest and kind were the ancients,
Calm and balanced,
     fortune and longevity were their lot.

December 25, 1996


Acting with Intent

How they busy themselves, building temples, worshiping,
Knowing not their acts are all for naught;
Lost in stupefying illusion,
     they vainly dream of journeying to the Western Paradise,
Groping blindly, walking in darkness,
     they try to scoop the moon's reflection from water.

March 28, 1997


A Visit to Yue Fei Shrine[10]

The rushing waters carried off his tragic heroism,
Yet his great spirit, his loyal soul, still endures;
All that remains of the age-old shrine is a place to grieve,
Now only his loyalty remains to guide posterity.

September 11, 1997, in Shang Yin

[10]Yue Fei is a much-celebrated hero of the Southern Song Dynasty. He is known for his courage and patriotism, and credited with defending China against northern invaders. He died a tragic death at the hands of a court official named Qin Hui.


Visiting my Hometown

On and on, the autumn rain falls like tears,
Every drop filling my heart with anguish;
I look about, but no one do I know in the town,
Several times has my village lain in ruin.
Here, then gone, eight hundred years race by,
And no one knows who I am;
I lower my head as I light several sticks of incense,
Their smoke drifts away, towards old acquaintances.
Turning back, my wish fulfilled,
I shall come again to help all return.

September 11, 1997
at the hometown of Yue Fei


A Tour of the Qing East Imperial Tombs[11]

Three hundred years flow past like water,
Old palaces and desolate tombs fill the eyes with sorrow;
None could foresee my return to the world today,
One day the Fa, mended, will spread for eternity.

October 26, 1997
at the Tomb of Emperor Kang Xi

[11]These are tombs dating from the Qing Dynasty and located in Hebei Province.


Good and Evil Now Distinct

Disasters, one atop another, befall the sentient beings
     who have changed in ghastly ways;
Yet here in this chaotic world is Dafa to save them.
Confusing Good and Evil as they malign Heaven's Law,
The doers of unpardonable evil will be
     swept off by the chill of autumn's wind.

November 15, 1997


A Visit to Sun-Moon Lake[12]

A pool of water crystal clear,
Reflecting the splendor of smoke-like
     clouds here and there,
Here in this chaotic world,
It has kept its rare beauty.

November 17, 1997

[12]Sun-Moon Lake is one of Taiwan's best-known tourist spots and the island's largest freshwater lake.


Recalling Chang'an[13]

How the landscape of Qinchuan[14] has changed,
Chang'an now lies buried in the earth.
Gone is the Celestial Empire, its glory and might,
In the blink of an eye centuries have passed.
Where now can Taizong be found?
Dafa is here to save the people of Tang.[15]

November 22, 1997

[13]Located in what is today Xi'an city, Chang'an (or "Eternal Peace") was the ancient capital of a dozen dynasties and an important political, economic, and cultural center.

[14]Qinchuan was a valley in the ancient Kingdom of Qin, and has long been associated with the origins of Chinese civilization. Chang'an was located at its center. It lies in the plains of what are today Gansu and Shanxi provinces.

[15]"People of Tang" is often used as an expression meaning "the Chinese people."


Set the Mind at Ease

The destiny is tied,
And Fa what you cultivate,
Study the book a lot,
Consummation draws near.

January 27, 1998


Looking Back

Stories over the long, drawn-out ages,
Have made of Man a deluded thing;
Those who claim abundant wisdom,
Do wield their skills so dexterously,
     but all is done in emotion.

February 19, 1998


The World's Ten Evils

Humans lacking any kind thoughts---
     Each becomes the other's enemy.
Destruction of the traditional---
     Culture turns decadent.
Homosexuality and licentious desires---
     A dark mind, turned demonic.
Rampant gambling and use of drugs---
     People do whatever they please.
Less restrictions, promiscuity---
     People head toward depravity.

Sinister gangs and the deranged political party---
     Politicians and gangsters work together as one.
Acting wantonly, lacking restraint---
     People defy Heaven and betray the Dao.
Blindly believing in science---
     Mankind grows warped.
Promoting and esteeming violence---
     People are given to fierce fighting.
The wicked metamorphosis of religion---
     Money men and politicians are they.

July 7, 1998


Visiting Yanmen Pass[16]

As I ascend by foot to Yanmen Pass,
A faint churning stirs my heart.
The ancient path of a thousand years remains,
But gone is everything of the past.
From here Yanzhao[17] left, commanding his horse,
A thousand stormy years have elapsed.
Now, gazing down from the Pass,
I see Dafa in the central plains.[18]

August 10, 1998, at Yanmen Pass

[16]Located in Shanxi Province, Yanmen Pass was historically a point of strategic importance along the Great Wall and the site of many battles.

[17]"Yanzhao" is short for Yang Yanzhao, a national hero and great general in the Northern Song Dynasty who died in a battle against invaders from the north.

[18]The term "central plains" refers usually to the Yellow River valley, and can be understood to here mean China more broadly.


Becoming One

Scriptures cultivate your mind,
Exercises temper your body;
One day, upon Consummation,
Zhen Shan Ren
     will be with you to stay.

November 18, 1992
Revised in August, 1998


Born Anew

As the Righteous Fa spreads,
Untold fiends try to impede,
Yet sentient beings
     do still gain salvation,
And human notions change,
The degenerate things purged,
Brightness now shines forth.

September 7, 1998


I Smile

I smile---
     sentient beings have awakened
I smile---
     Dafa now spreads
I smile---
     the ferryboat has set sail
I smile---
     for sentient beings there is hope

November 16, 1998